Level I. Core Required Courses (12 hours)

Students will take two required core courses in ADPR and HPRB:

Advertising, Public Relations, and Health (ADPR 5110– 3 hours)

The role of advertising and public relations in the context of the burgeoning “health industry.” Topics discussed include: health communication research practice, the role of advertising and public relations in health care delivery, health promotion and disease prevention, risk communication, and personal as well as psychological well-being.

Health and Risk Communication Campaigns (ADPR 5742/7742 – 3 hours)

Students in this course will work in teams to conduct research, planning, and preparation of a health and risk communication campaign designed to solve problems for outside clients. Outside clients can include governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and other related agencies or businesses. Student teams will make a formal presentation to the client.

Note: ADPR 5742/7742 Health and Risk Communication Campaigns (capstone course) must be taken in the final semester when students complete the certificate requirement.

Health and Wellness (HPRB 1710 —3 hours)

Factors affecting the level of wellness of the individual are considered. Topics include mental health, nutrition, diet and weight control, physical fitness, smoking, human sexuality, consumer health, alcohol and other drugs, disease, environmental health, and injury prevention.

Introduction to Public Health Communication  (HPRB 5310(E) —3 hours)

Practical introduction to public health communication from the individual to the societal level. Covers foundational communication concepts that impact health behavior, including media effects, persuasion, message development, media relations, entertainment education, health literacy, risk and crisis communication, social media, social marketing, organizational communication, and patient-practitioner communication.

Level II. Elective Courses (6 hours)

Students will take two advanced health and risk communication courses, in consultation with an advisor. Students also will be encouraged to take additional courses in the field, and to use their experiential learning courses in SHRC-related work.

Choose two of the following 3-hour, upper-level ADPR/HPRB courses:

• ADPR 3520E Graphic Communication

• ADPR 3110 Brand Storytelling

• ADPR 5120 Crisis Communication

• ADPR 5760 Digital and Social Comm. Strategies

• ADPR 5992 Advertising and PR Study Abroad (Cannes-Lions)

Note: other courses may satisfy the requirement with an approval of the program director.

• HPRB 5210 The Effects of Drug Use and Abuse

HPRB 5060 Educational Strategies in Human Sexuality

• HPRB 3150 Issues in Women’s Health

HPRB 3750 Foundations of Injury Prevention

Han, Jeong-YeobHan, Jeong-Yeob

Dr. Jeong-Yeob Han

Dr. Jeong-Yeob Han directs the SHRC program for the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Grady College. He is a strategic health and risk communication researcher who examines the psychology of communication influence and the effect of information and communication technologies on consumer attitudes, engagement and health outcomes. His research has appeared in leading communication, psychology, and public health journals, including Health Communication, Health Education Research and Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, among others. His scholarship has been internationally recognized with the Enzaim Best Article Award from Korea Health Communication Association and 6 top paper awards from the International Communication Association and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. 

Dr. Christina Proctor

Dr. Christina Proctor directs the SHRC certificate for the Department of Health Promotion & Behavior in the College of Public Health. Her research interests include focuses in rural adolescent health, substance use in adolescents, tobacco use in adolescents, adolescent risky behaviors, risk and protective factors for adolescent health, resiliency in vulnerable populations. She teaches courses in undergraduate education in research methods, chronic disease prevention, education in human sexuality and substance use and abuse. Her published research has appeared in American Journal of Health Behavior, among others, and she is a members of the American Public Health Association and the American Association for Cancer Education.

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