Kristen Smith

Principal Lecturer, Advertising & Public Relations
Office: Journalism Bldg, Room 245

About: Ms. Smith teaches Graphic Communication, Advanced Graphic Communication and the History of Graphic Communication. She is a faculty adviser to Talking Dog, the student-led advertising and PR agency.

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M.A., Journalism, University of Georgia

A.B., Psychology, University of Georgia

Research Interests and Activities

Ms. Smith is interested in graphic design practice and history. She is also interested in creativity, cartooning, editorial illustration and storytelling. Ms. Smith edited a book titled "The Lines are Drawn: Political Cartoons of the Civil War".

Teaching Specialties

Ms. Smith teaches Graphic Communication, Advanced Graphic Communication and Public Relations Communication.


Ms. Smith has conducted ethnographic research in media education. She has worked in publishing. She has worked in printing and as a graphic designer. She has experience in event management and publicity. She has worked as a public relations coordinator for three units at the University of Georgia. In addition to writing feature stories, press releases and speeches in her professional life, she published book reviews in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Her cartoons have appeared in The Funny Times, The American Enterprise, On the Issues, Reader's Digest, Z Magazine, Georgia Magazine, Flagpole Magazine and in the textbook, Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing.

Office: Journalism Bldg, Room 245