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Prevention of intimate partner violence: Impact of a virtual case simulation training for religious leaders Jeong-Yeob Han

Abstract: This intervention aims to prevent intimate partner violence (IPV) and increase access to resources for immigrant victims by enhancing the capacity of religious leaders. In a randomized clinical trial, Korean American religious leaders (n=102) of Christian denominations from two large metropolitan areas were randomly allocated to intervention (virtual simulation training) or control (educational pamphlet). […]

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Identifying Communication Campaign Messages to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence Among Korean American Immigrants Jeong-Yeob Han and Hanyoung Kim

Abstract: Intimate partner violence (IPV) affects all communities. However, more immigrant women suffer from IPV than the national average, including Korean immigrant women. The importance of family harmony, the priority of family interests over individual interests, and the cultural expectation for women to endure hardship to preserve the family contribute to the decision of Korean […]

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Industry Insiders: Careers in Tech/Silicon Valley Juan Meng

virtual panel discussion, invited and organized by the UGA Career Center and the UGA Mentor Program.  Dr. Meng was invited to moderate this virtual panel session and lead the discussion with panelists on how to break through the barriers of getting interviews and experiences at tech companies and establish long-term mentor-mentee relationships. The virtual panel […]

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Gaining visibility through leadership opportunities: The importance of everyone developing leadership skills Juan Meng

invited Podcast interview by the Institute for Communication and Information (ICIR) at the University of Alabama.  Dr. Meng was invited to share some of her most recent research in the area of public relations and leadership, specifically the challenges that women and people of color face when in leadership roles and when trying to get […]

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The Future of Photojournalism

Kyser Lough (October 2021) Panelist: “The Future of Photojournalism.” South Carolina Humanities’ Picturing Democracy series. Charleston, South Carolina. 

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Leadership Spotlight on work-life rhythm, technology, and professional thriving Juan Meng

Abstract: This research spotlight shares insights on how technology changes how leaders guide their teams and organizations and some of the greatest challenges for leaders to adapt in the digital environment. The author argues the digital environment presents the greatest opportunity to foster a continued and interactive learning environment as the industry has witnessed a […]

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Crisis Communication Yan Jin

Abstract: This entry provides an overview of public health crises and public health crisis communication, grounded in crisis communication and literature around emerging infectious disease outbreaks (IDOs). It lays down the theoretical foundations for communication and crisis information management in times of public health risks and emergencies, heralded by two conceptual frameworks developed specifically to […]

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Convergent Mountain Science (CMS) research cluster at UGA Anandam Kavoori

Anandam Kavoori (Science Communication lead ) will participate in  the Convergent Mountain Science (CMS) research cluster at UGA. The cluster has applied for seed money from UGA’s Interdisciplinary Pre-Seed Program. If funded, the outcome of the cluster will be a large grant proposal to be submitted to the NSF’s  DISES (Dynamics of Integrated Socio Ecological Systems) and NSF’s HEG (Human-Environment and Geographical Sciences). 

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Leadership excellence in corporate communications: A multi-group test of measurement invariance Juan Meng

Abstract: This study aims at advancing leadership research in corporate communications by introducing a more rigorous statistical approach to test whether communication professionals of different hierarchical reporting levels, years of experience, and educational backgrounds would ascribe the same meanings to the construct of leadership excellence in corporate communications via survey research. By using an established measurement […]

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Women in public relations: Ascribed and avowed leadership identities and expectations Juan Meng

Abstract: Women who aspire to leadership positions in public relations have to develop political astuteness when it comes to addressing ascribed identities and expectations associated with gender and race. Through 51 in-depth interviews with women working in mid-management and senior-executive level positions in public relations in the U.S., this study provides new insights into women’s […]

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