Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Involvement with clubs and organizations is an excellent way for students to meet peers, network with industry professionals and gain hands-on experience with projects and events.


The following list features clubs and organizations sponsored by Grady College and/or UGA, which many of our students are involved in.


UGA AdClub provides members with industry-related content and networking activities designed to guide the transition from the university to careers in the advertising industry.

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AdPR Connection

AdPR Connection is a major networking event where advertising and public relations students in Grady can interact with employers and attend informative panels.

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Backlight Film Festival

The Backlight Student Film Festival is an award-winning collaborative effort between the Entertainment Media Industries Club and University Union with a mission to foster innovation and creativity within the University of Georgia community by promoting and highlighting the work of aspiring filmmakers.

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DiGamma Kappa

DiGamma Kappa provides enrichment & networking opportunities for Grady students across print, broadcast and digital platforms via hands-on experience with writing, producing, and editing.

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Infusion Magazine

InfUSion Magazine is a multicultural publication and provides a journalistic medium where all students can share, report, voice their opinions and exhibit their creativity.

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Grady Ambassadors

The Grady Ambassadors are a team of student leaders who serve as official hosts and advocates for Grady College. The group’s goal is to present a positive and lasting image of the college and its students to all constituents. Learn more about Grady Ambassadors here.

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UGA and Penn State students pose together for a photo.

Cross-institutional collaboration sparks student research on AI, crisis communication

When students from the University of Georgia and Penn State met to kick off a research partnership this past August, they quickly realized they were gaining more than a line […]

A profiles of tenacity graphic featuring a headshot of Karenia Murry.

Profiles of Tenacity: Karenia Murry

Fourth-year journalism student Karenia Murry currently serves as the vice president for the National Association of Black Journalists at UGA. She enjoys the community she’s found through organizations and classes […]

Headshot of Glenna Read over blurred out image of Grady College

Research indicates policing videos contribute to trauma symptoms among Black Americans

Viewing violent police videos can result in trouble sleeping, symptoms of PTSD and feelings of being on guard, especially among Black Americans, according to research published in the Fall 2023 […]

SEE Suite benefits from Brazil PR agency partnership

The week of November 5, a team representing the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Grady College visited Brazil to exchange practices and continue research collaboration. Itai Himelboim, Michael […]

Headshot of NaYoung Song and caption headline reading Nayoung Song takes on Crisis Communication at UGA

NaYoung Song takes on Crisis Communication

After completing her bachelor’s degree at Korea University, NaYoung Song decided to attend the University of Georgia to receive her master’s, becoming the inaugural scholar in a partnership between the […]

Profiles of Tenacity: Dani García Pozo

Dani García Pozo’s love of writing motivates them to craft memorable stories and projects during their time at Grady College. Read more about their creative pursuits below. Why did you […]


“The Red & Black has impacted the entire trajectory of my life. The numerous mentors that have taught me and helped me at R&B have also hugely impacted me both personally and professionally.”

Jacqueline GaNun

The Red&Black


“I’m beyond impressed by students on the Selection Committee for the Backlight Student Film Festival.. This level of commitment and collaboration is a trademark of the students at this college.”

Sherry Liang

Backlight Student Film Festival


“Through Women in Media (WIM), I have learned we can not only grow ourselves, but also help our peers grow. That is true women’s power.”

Jane Congfei Lian


“PRSSA has provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable insight from various industry professionals across diverse PR sectors, including sports, entertainment, cosmetics, politics and more.”

Raynor Manley



“Learning how a professional agency operates and getting real world experience working with a big-name client has been an invaluable experience I’ll never forget.”

Ike Epstein

Talking Dog


“This experience [through AdPR Connection] was so rewarding because we were able to create an enriching space for professional development where students feel confident — I am so proud of my team and what we were able to accomplish.”

Jin Lee

AdPR Connection


“Beyond the classroom, I could not be more grateful for the people I’ve met through my involvement with Grady Newsource, DiGamma Kappa, and UGA Miracle.”

Sailor Betts

DiGamma Kappa


“Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) has given me invaluable industry insight, networking skills and above all a sense of community at Grady and UGA.”

Dolores Trobradovic

AB ’23


“Public Relations Student Society of America has given me so many opportunities, taught me so many things, and given me so many great friends.”

Emily Goncalves

AB ’22


“The Industry really helped to connect me on campus and get my foot in the door professionally. It surrounded me with other passionate storytellers who went out of their way to encourage and help me develop my passions.”

Cate de Castro

The Industry