Dr. Glenna Read

Associate Professor of Advertising, Advertising & Public Relations
Office: Journalism Bldg, Room 223-C

About: Dr. Read teaches Media Strategy and Insights and Analytics. Research interests are media psychology/effects, identity and representation, and psychophysiology.

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Ph.D., Mass Communication, Indiana University
M.A., Experimental Psychology, Appalachian State University
B.A., Psychology, Georgia State University

Research interests and activities:

Dr. Read is the director of the Brain, Body, and Media (BBAM) Lab. Her research blends perspectives in communication, social psychology, psychophysiology, and neuroscience to investigate information processing in media as it applies to social contexts. Her main avenue of research examines aspects of information processing and cognition/emotion associated with the perception that underlies and effects that result from exposure to mediated representation of identity (e.g., models, spokespeople). Her other projects build upon this research focus by using what we know about information processing in mediated environments to contribute to prosocial outcomes, including technological and messaging interventions to improve health and well-being.

Teaching specialties:

Her teaching specialties include media strategy, research methods, media psychology/psychophysiology, advertising and society, and consumer neuroscience.

Awards and Fellowships:

American Academy of Advertising Mary Alice Shaver Promising Professor Award (2022)
• ADPR Outstanding Advertising Teacher Award (2020)
• Annie Lang Dissertation Award from the Information Systems Division of the International Communication Association (2019)
• Indiana University Dissertation Fellowship (2017-2018)
• Indiana University Provost’s Travel Award for Women in Science (2016).