Graphic with a photo Xinge Lei's headshot and text that reads: Internviews, Xinge Lei, SahiyoPublic Relations student Xinge Lei is a social media and communications intern for Sahiyo. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Xinge Lei

“Ask yourself if this role makes sense for you, personally and professionally. Do your values align? Do your past experiences fit with the expectations? Be honest with yourself when researching a company, and don’t make the assumption that more applications equate to more opportunities. Be intentional! Spend your time wisely during the process.”

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Elizabeth Hunter

“You are not behind. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to know everything and be perfect, but the news industry is constantly changing, so that is legitimately not possible. You are just where you need to be, so trust the process and I promise you will get to where you are supposed to be.”

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Graphic with Elizabeth Hunter's headshot and text that reads: InternViews, Elizabeth Hunter, Fox 5 Atlanta.Journalism student Elizabeth Hunter is a news intern for Fox 5 Atlanta. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)
Graphic with a headshot of Heaven Robinson and text that reads: Internviews, Heaven Robinson, Breaktime MediaEmerging Media Masters student Heaven Robinson is a visual design intern for Breaktime Media. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Heaven Robinson

“In creative roles, your portfolio is super important, so put a lot of effort into your work and how you present it. People typically see your portfolio and resume before they talk to you, so it’s crucial to make a good first impression and show off your best work.”

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Ethan Henderson

“Think outside of the box. You want to have something that stands out when you present yourself to employers–especially with how daunting the interview process is nowadays. Challenge yourself before you leap into the ‘real’ world. You have to sell these employers on you. Ask yourself—what makes me stand out?”

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Graphic with a photo of Ethan Henderson in front of a brick wall with text that reads: InternViews, Ethan Henderson, SightlyJournalism student Ethan Henderson is a media strategy intern for Sightly. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)
Graphic with a picture of Rahel Kefetew's headshot and text that reads: InternViews, Rahel Kefetew, Creative Artists AgencyEntertainment and Media Studies student Rahel Kefetew is a commercial endorsements intern for Creative Artists Agency. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Rahel Kefetew

“Being organized and meticulous when given a task will get you very far. I’ve also realized that I this is the best time of my life to be curious and ask questions because everyone wants to help the intern/student.”

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Harper Lawson

“Don’t ever think your goals are too lofty to accomplish. If you put in enough work, you can do anything. You just have to advocate for yourself and put yourself out there. Networking is everything.”

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Graphic with a photo of Harper Lawson standing in the chairs of a basketball stadium. Text that reads: Internviews, harper lawson, WNBA Dallas WingsJournalism student Harper Lawson is a social and digital marketing intern for the WNBA team Dallas Wings. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)
Graphic with a headshot of a student in front of trees. Text that reads: InternViews, Deborah Yoon, Delta AirlinesAdvertising student Deborah Yoon is a brand marketing intern for Delta Airlines. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Deborah Yoon

“Everyone is on their own timeline. It might seem some people are ahead of the curve, but keep trying, keep applying and your time will come.”

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Blake Campbell

“Finding jobs is all in the way you market yourself. As someone in a different but related field, I saw my journalism skills presented in different areas. Apply for programs that align with where you want to go, not only what you are currently capable of. A willingness to learn and perseverance can take you lengths farther than hard skills.”

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Graphic with a photo of Blake Campbell's headshot and text that reads: InternViews, Blake Campbell, TBWA \ Media Arts LabJournalism student Blake Campbell is an integrated media planning intern for TBWA \ Media Arts Lab. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)
Graphic with a headshot of a student and text that reads: InternViews, Taylor Shults, Producers Guild of AmericaEntertainment and Media Studies student Taylor Shults is an intern for the Producers Guild of America. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Taylor Shults

“Ask questions. The only way to learn is to recognize what you don’t know and ask someone who does. You would be shocked at how many people want to help. The worst that can happen from asking is you have to ask someone else.”

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Olivia Lamme

“When it comes to extracurriculars and involvement, prioritize quality over quantity. It is so easy to get stressed because you think you aren’t “doing enough.” Pick one or two organizations/clubs that you are truly interested in and fully commit to them.”

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Graphic with a headshot of a student posing in front of trees. Text that reads: InternViews, Olivia Lamme, UPSPublic Relations student Olivia Lamme is a media relations intern for UPS. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)
Graphic with a picture of a student posing in front of an editorial backdrop. Text that reads: InternViews, Skyli Alvarez, Teen VogueJournalism student Skyli Alvarez is an editorial intern for Teen Vouge. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Skyli Alvarez

“Don’t doubt yourself and your experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out, network, and connect with journalists and role models in the industry or area you hope to work in.”

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Anushka Jariwala

“Be very intentional in applying to roles. Make sure your resume is up to date, and you present yourself in the way you want. Apply to roles you might not think you’re qualified for or you might not be interested in. Cast a wide net, and see what you can catch. Make sure your internship lines up with your goals. If you strike the right balance and keep applying, you won’t be disappointed.”

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Graphic with an image of Anushka Jariwala with Text that reads: InternViews, Anushka Jariwala, AMC Networks.Advertising student Anushka Jariwala is an Ad Sales intern at AMC Networks. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)
Headshot of student; text that reads: Kacie Geter, Azione PR Agency and AccentureJournalism student Kacie Geter is a Digital and VIP PR intern for Azione PR Agency and a summer operations analyst for Accenture. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Kacie Geter

“Apply without hesitation. Never sell yourself short. If you are not sure what the exact role consists of, always go for it! Always connect the responsibilities of the role to past classes or work experiences because in some way everything is transferable.”

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Julianna Russ

“The best thing you can do is put yourself out there. Don’t limit yourself; if you think something you are applying to is a long shot, apply anyway. Make a company say no to you, don’t say no to yourself first! You will never get your dream job if you don’t give yourself a chance. Also, make sure that you are truly interested in the position you’re applying for. Authenticity goes a long way during the interview stage!”

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Graphic with a photo of a student sitting with a CNN sign. Text that reads: InternViews, Julianna Russ, CNN Documentary Unit.Journalism student Julianna Russ is an intern for the CNN Documentary Unit. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)
Headshot of a student with text that reads: Intern Views, Tee Dickinson, NewsNation NetworkEntertainment and media studies student Tee Dickinson is a production intern for NewsNation Network in Chicago. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Tee Dickinson

“Try everything. Never say no to an opportunity. Doing this will set you up with lots of different skills and will make you adaptable and versatile. Employers in the media industry want to find a well-rounded individual that they can mold into the type of employee who will succeed within their organization.”

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Isabella Martinez

“Having a network and a good relationship with faculty, staff and other students will help you tremendously! Most of the great opportunities I have obtained were because of a good rapport with an individual who is willing to give me a chance, or because I know someone who knows someone.”

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headshot of student; text reads Public relations student Isabella Martinez is a marketing and communications intern for Visit Athens (Photo:submitted, graphic by Morgan Jones)
Headshot of student in front of a red background; text that reads: Audrie Ephues, Georgia Football CreativeJournalism student Audrie Uphues is a creative videography intern for Georgia Football Creative. (Photo submitted / Graphics: Morgan Jones)

Audrie Uphues

“Start building your network now. Ask for advice from creatives and anyone in the sports industry. Building your network while you’re still in school is really important. That way, when you’re looking for a job, you’re able to turn to those people who you’ve built a trusting relationship with.”

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headshot of student and text that says Journalism student Julia Walkup was a newsroom editorial intern with CNN this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Julia Walkup

“Take advantage of all the hands-on opportunities that UGA offers for student journalists. This means getting involved with The Red & Black, Newsource, or anything else that can get you physical proof of your talent. Coming out of college with an impressive portfolio or reel will set you apart from the beginning.”

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Jonathan Wood

“It is important to always work hard. Whether it is a group or individual project, it can sometimes become difficult to see the end goal in the classroom when assignments, quizzes and tests are piling up. This internship has reinforced to me that both patience and dedication are important, and that putting in the work in the beginning leads to reaping the rewards at the end.”

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image of student in front of a panther statue at TIAA bank field, text reads Advertising student Jonathan Wood interned as a real estate and development projects intern with the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
photo of student in front of SportsCenter tv; text that reads Journalism major DonA Traylor-Askew interned with ESPN this summer (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias).

DonA Traylor-Askew

“The classes I have taken in the Grady Sports Media Institute couldn’t have prepared me better for the work I’d have the chance to do with ESPN. Hands-on work editing feature packages and learning to take quick direction and think on my feet from classes like Sportsource had me as ready as could be.”

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Edward Feininger

“The most valuable lesson I have learned is how to ask the right questions and then expand on your client’s answers as much as you can. Proactive questioning is better than a one-sided conversation. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and when your client responds, ask ‘What else?’.”

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headshot of student; text reads Advertising student Edward Feininger is a graphic design intern for The Edge Agency (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
headshot of Madison; text that reads Madison Greer is a public relations student and MAIP fellow, interning for MSL. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Madison Greer

“The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that to be successful, you have to take initiative and be your own advocate. I have learned a lot and gotten new opportunities by not being afraid to speak up and ask questions or reach out to new people.”

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Luke Yearwood

“I have found that – despite being an intern – not being afraid to share my thoughts and ideas is greatly appreciated, and even encouraged. In this role, my voice definitely matters, and it has made me realize that the ideas I have and my opinions should be and are valued by my coworkers!”

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student on left; on right, reads Advertising student Luke Yearwood is interning in Atlanta this summer as a marketing intern for the Chick-Fil-A College Football Hall of Fame. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
student on left; on right internviews, frankie barnes, bse globalIntegrated ADPR graduate student Frankie Barnes is an events programming intern for BSE Global. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Frankie Barnes

“My classes at Grady have prepared me for my internship by giving me confidence in my professional skills. When I have a task at work, I know that Grady has given me the skills I need to succeed and to trust that I know what I am doing.”

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Sophia Kwan

“Take advantage of all the opportunities Grady provides! Making connections with past and current Grady students is so valuable. Utilize LinkedIn and try to set up informational interviews with alumni. Joining student organizations within Grady and attending events also gives you experiences that can open doors to similar opportunities!”

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image of student on left; on right, it reads Advertising student Sophia Kwan is an account management intern for Chemistry in Atlanta. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
student poses with trophy; reads: Darby Taylor, Temple Hill Entertainment and the Producer's Guild of AmericaEntertainment and media studies student Darby Taylor has two internships this summer, one with Temple Hill Entertainment and another with the Producer's Guild of America. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Darby Taylor

“Networking is the best way to get your foot in the industry. Start reaching out to UGA alumni and other industry professionals as soon as possible, such as through LinkedIn or the UGA Mentor Program. When reaching out, it’s best to be authentic, intentional and respectful. Be honest, do your research beforehand, and thank people for their time. Although it can be scary, people want to help you and give advice based on their own experiences in the industry.”

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Caleb Smathers

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned while going through the internship recruitment process is that you should always apply for that “dream” role even if you don’t check off every single requirement. Skills can be learned, but you and all that you bring to the table simply can’t. Use your resources and take full advantage of your network.”

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headshot of student, text says Advertising major Caleb Smathers is a project management intern for Cox Communications. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Journalism student William Daughtry is reporting for The Current, and interning in Savannah, Georgia this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

William Daughtry

“My favorite part has definitely been the process of it all. Actually contributing in a newsroom gives me a sense of belonging. Interviewing people on the street has to be the most exhilarating thing I have done because the interviews are so spontaneous and it gives you a raw, uncut version of how someone feels.”

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Simi Shetty

“Connecting with your coworkers is so important. You learn so much from being in the office, interacting with all your colleagues, and creating a company culture. It makes the work more enjoyable once you get to know your team better in all aspects.”

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Simi Shetty is a rising fourth year public relations student interning with W.P. Carey as a corporate communications intern. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Demi Lehman is participating in the Grady L.A. field study program, and has two internships this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Demi Lehman

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do more than you’re required to. Your supervisors want you to learn and make the most of your time, so they will appreciate it when you take initiative.”

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Ciera Walker

“Many students miss out on amazing opportunities because they count themselves out before ever trying. My advice is to never walk away from an opportunity because of a fear or doubt that you’re not enough.”

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Ciera Walker, a journalism major pursuing the sports media certificate, is interning remotely for ESPN. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Austin Clark, a rising 4th year public relations student, is interning at the office of Senator Jon Ossoff in Washington D.C. this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Austin Clark

“I have been able to see how a Senate office is able to create and maintain relationships with journalists in Georgia. There is not an emphasis on national publications, but the communications team will target specific releases to markets to which the news is relevant. Seeing that deliberative process, as opposed to a mass email, has been interesting to learn.”

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Christine Yared

“I have been pleasantly surprised by how intentionally Nickelodeon has crafted their internship program. They truly want interns to learn during their time here so that they can succeed in their future careers.”

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graphic with headshot of student and text that says Christine Yared, an entertainment and media studies student, is interning on the preschool team at Nickelodeon Animation this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Erin Riney, an emerging media master's student, is a project management intern at Luckie & Company. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Erin Riney

“For those who want to pursue a career in advertising, I would suggest working in an agency at least once. Even if you decide that you want to work on the client side, agency life challenges you and causes you to grow extremely quickly.”

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Dania Kalaji

“I think what’s most surprising is the trust that they’ve placed in me as an intern. I think that it’s really important when they place trust in you, because it allows you to grow and to see where your interests lie.”

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Journalism major Dania Kalaji is interning with the Bay City News Foundation this summer as part of the Dow Jones internship program. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Fourth year public relations major Caroline Parlantieri is interning at the Nashville Soccer Club as a public relations communications intern. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Caroline Parlantieri

“The relationships I have created with my Grady professors and other staff members have guided me through this process immensely. Their experience, expertise, advice, guidance and encouragement have prepared me and allowed me to thrive.”

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Jack Casey

“You’ll find that wherever you end up, you’ll get experience that is maybe a little outside of your comfort zone or something that you didn’t initially sign up to do while you were there – which is a good thing.”

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graphic of picture of student Jack Casey holding camera, with InternViews logo and text Jack Casey, a rising third year entertainment and media studies student, is interning as a visual journalist for The Oglethorpe Echo. (Photo: submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
left hand side is headshot of student Kathryn Miller, right side is graphic with Internview logos which says Kathryn Miller, Green Olive MediaKathryn Miller says the skills she's learned at Grady have prepared her for her current role as a social media intern for Green Olive Media. (Photo: submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Kathryn Miller

“Grady classes helped me prepare for this internship by teaching me about target audiences, brand voices and social media analytics – all of which are critical for successful social media engagement.”

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LJ Jackson

“Sometimes you just have to walk in the room and act like you own it. You may not know what to do, and that’s okay. You can figure out the logistics later, but don’t let anyone stop you from getting that perfect shot, the best angle for a video, and don’t be afraid to communicate with players.”

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graphic with photo of student in stadium on left, on right says LJ Jackson, New York Red Bulls with InternView logoLJ sits in the Red Bull Arena, where he is interning with the New York Red Bulls as a digital and social content intern this summer. (Photo: submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
headshot of student Alex Anteau, along with graphic description of his internship with the Athens Banner-Herald and the Intern Views logoAlex Anteau, a health and medical journalism master's student, is interning with the Athens Banner-Herald this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Alex Anteau

“Be a self-starter. Get familiar with the beat you’re working in and practice writing and reporting in your downtime.”

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