Ciera Walker

“Many students miss out on amazing opportunities because they count themselves out before ever trying. My advice is to never walk away from an opportunity because of a fear or doubt that you’re not enough.”

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Ciera Walker, a journalism major pursuing the sports media certificate, is interning remotely for ESPN. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Austin Clark, a rising 4th year public relations student, is interning at the office of Senator Jon Ossoff in Washington D.C. this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Austin Clark

“I have been able to see how a Senate office is able to create and maintain relationships with journalists in Georgia. There is not an emphasis on national publications, but the communications team will target specific releases to markets to which the news is relevant. Seeing that deliberative process, as opposed to a mass email, has been interesting to learn.”

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Christine Yared

“I have been pleasantly surprised by how intentionally Nickelodeon has crafted their internship program. They truly want interns to learn during their time here so that they can succeed in their future careers.”

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graphic with headshot of student and text that says Christine Yared, an entertainment and media studies student, is interning on the preschool team at Nickelodeon Animation this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Erin Riney, an emerging media master's student, is a project management intern at Luckie & Company. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Erin Riney

“For those who want to pursue a career in advertising, I would suggest working in an agency at least once. Even if you decide that you want to work on the client side, agency life challenges you and causes you to grow extremely quickly.”

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Dania Kalaji

“I think what’s most surprising is the trust that they’ve placed in me as an intern. I think that it’s really important when they place trust in you, because it allows you to grow and to see where your interests lie.”

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Journalism major Dania Kalaji is interning with the Bay City News Foundation this summer as part of the Dow Jones internship program. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
Fourth year public relations major Caroline Parlantieri is interning at the Nashville Soccer Club as a public relations communications intern. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Caroline Parlantieri

“The relationships I have created with my Grady professors and other staff members have guided me through this process immensely. Their experience, expertise, advice, guidance and encouragement have prepared me and allowed me to thrive.”

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Jack Casey

“You’ll find that wherever you end up, you’ll get experience that is maybe a little outside of your comfort zone or something that you didn’t initially sign up to do while you were there – which is a good thing.”

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graphic of picture of student Jack Casey holding camera, with InternViews logo and text Jack Casey, a rising third year entertainment and media studies student, is interning as a visual journalist for The Oglethorpe Echo. (Photo: submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
left hand side is headshot of student Kathryn Miller, right side is graphic with Internview logos which says Kathryn Miller, Green Olive MediaKathryn Miller says the skills she's learned at Grady have prepared her for her current role as a social media intern for Green Olive Media. (Photo: submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Kathryn Miller

“Grady classes helped me prepare for this internship by teaching me about target audiences, brand voices and social media analytics – all of which are critical for successful social media engagement.”

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LJ Jackson

“Sometimes you just have to walk in the room and act like you own it. You may not know what to do, and that’s okay. You can figure out the logistics later, but don’t let anyone stop you from getting that perfect shot, the best angle for a video, and don’t be afraid to communicate with players.”

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graphic with photo of student in stadium on left, on right says LJ Jackson, New York Red Bulls with InternView logoLJ sits in the Red Bull Arena, where he is interning with the New York Red Bulls as a digital and social content intern this summer. (Photo: submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)
headshot of student Alex Anteau, along with graphic description of his internship with the Athens Banner-Herald and the Intern Views logoAlex Anteau, a health and medical journalism master's student, is interning with the Athens Banner-Herald this summer. (Photo:submitted, graphic by Ashley Balsavias)

Alex Anteau

“Be a self-starter. Get familiar with the beat you’re working in and practice writing and reporting in your downtime.”

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Drew Hubbard is working in Nashville, TN this summer as a Digital and Social Media Intern. (Photos: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Drew Hubbard

“Going back to Athens, I’ll know better how to work with other people on projects and combine my ideas with their ideas to do our best possible work together. Grady classes are a lot of collaborative work, and I’ll be able to work and communicate with others better because of this experience.”

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Nhilynn Nguyen

“My biggest growth over the summer has been gaining more confidence in my skillset and abilities. I’ve learned so much about paid social and I’ve learned how to do things more confidently! ”

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Graphic that reads Nhilynn Nguyen is spending her summer working as a Social Strategy Intern under the Paid Social team for dentsu X. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)
Sara Camuso is a rising senior public relations major interning at Georgia Ports Authority this summer. (Photos: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Sara Camuso

“Being in a real communications environment has helped me see a bigger picture of what I would like to do one day. It is nice to see what I have learned in classes play a role in this work setting.”

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Matthew Brown

“My biggest challenge was trying to balance football, summer classes and my internship. I learned the value of organization and rest and recovery to better my performance. No matter how hard you work or how organized you are, if you do not prioritize some time for your body and mind to rest, you will not operate at peak performance.”

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Rising senior Matthew Brown is working as a Communications Intern at Nike, Inc. this summer. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)
Graphic that reads Ciara Pysczynski has two opportunities this summer. She is working as a Film PR Intern for PR Collaborative and a Communications Intern for NP Agency. (Photos: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Ciara Pysczynski

“I have a lot more confidence in my ability to do this work now, and a much better idea of how I fit into the world of PR. As I finish out my Grady coursework, I’ll be able to think about how the work I’m doing would fit in the context of what I did at NP and PRC.”

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Hallie Turner

“Step out of your comfort zone and don’t let the location of an internship avert you from tackling the opportunity of a lifetime. You never know where it may lead you.”

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Graphic that reads Hallie Turner worked in Washington, D.C. as a Congressional Intern at the United States House of Representatives for the first part of the summer. She is now interning with The Joy FM radio station for the remainder of the summer. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)
Graphic that reads Amari Tillman is working as a Strategy Intern for Weber Shandwick NYC this summer. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Amari Tillman

“The analytics or software certifications and research you do for classes helps a lot with the role. It helps to have fundamental knowledge in how to conduct research and ask meaningful questions because it will help you think like a strategist.

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Caroline Kurzawa

“Communicate! It sounds kind of silly from a communications intern, but talk to your supervisors and your co-workers. Tell them how you’re doing, what you can do for the team and what you need from them.”

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Graphic that reads Caroline Kurzawa is working for Lockheed Martin this summer as an intern in the integrated communications department for Enterprise Operations. (Photo: submitted / Graphics by Sam Perez)
Graphic that reads Valentina Drake is spending her summer working as an intern for Georgia Power Company. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Valentina Drake

“My biggest growth is my creativity. I brainstorm new ideas every day and this role has really pushed me in terms of how I think. My company posts almost every day, that’s a lot of content! It takes time, effort and new ideas to keep the stories engaging and fun for our customers.”

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Megan Mittelhammer

“My classes and professors at Grady have done a great job preparing me for this internship. In my PAC class, we practice writing a variety of releases, briefs, etc. — a lot of things that I’m working on right now! And when I have to fact check information or craft social posts, I know I’m using skills from my journalism classes.”

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Graphic that reads Megan Mittelhammer is a rising senior journalism major with a minor in political science and a certificate in public affairs communications. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)
Alise Crittendon is a rising senior advertising major interning at FCB Chicago this summer. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Alise Crittendon

“The biggest growth I’ve experienced this summer is confidence. From coming up with original ideas to pitching them in front of high-level executives, this has been a major transition for me, and has allowed me to discover what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to capitalize off those. I feel 10x more prepared to go into the industry after my experience with MAIP and FCB Chicago.”

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Chandler Rebel

“Being able to work in a journalistic capacity covering a political issue is very rewarding and I like to think I am already making a difference.”

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Chandler Rebel, a journalism and political science double major, is working in Washington, D.C. this summer. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)
Morgan Gonzales is working for the Dallas Morning News as a Medicine and Science Reporting Fellow. (Photos: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

“I’ll definitely be utilizing the lessons I’ve learned with my writing in the future. But also flexibility, I’ve learned stories don’t always go the direction I think they will, and my day often goes in a different direction than I anticipate. The stories that surprise me are usually the best.”

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Abbey Clark

“Throughout the day, I assist producers and anchors with any stories they may be working on.  We also have at minimum two daily meetings with the entire Southeast bureau team and ad hoc thereafter.  The job involves a lot of researching, writing and cold calling to get the right facts!”

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Abbey Clark is working as a Ted Turner Maverick Intern at CNN. This summer, she is working virtually from her home in Michigan. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)
Diego Wong and Crysta Jones are both interning remotely with Wunderman Thompson Health this summer. (Photos: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Diego Wong and Crysta Jones

Jones:  “I’m going to steal advice from the founder of Cultivate: Don’t be a wallflower! Put yourself out there.”
Wong: “By participating in this internship, I have confirmed that my desired career path is in advertising because I enjoy every aspect of it.”

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Grace Yeo

“Take the leap of faith, and honestly just do it. Talk to people. There’s so many resources out there and other people readily available to help you with any and everything. No question is stupid. The world of advertising has the best environment, and that’s what drew me in from the start.”

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Grace Yeo is a rising senior advertising major interning at Rogers Townsend through the MAIP Fellowship Program. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)
Abigail Childers is working for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, also referred to as the International Emmy Awards. (Photo: submitted / Graphics by Sam Perez)

Abigail Childers

“Exposure to international content and contacts this early in my life will definitely have a positive impact on my view of the entertainment industry as a whole as I pursue my career.”

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Caitlin Vinson

“I feel like Grady was my first step into getting me out of my comfort zone. I took a leap going into this major and into this industry. Now that I am in it, I want it more than I did before. It has been a dream come true to get to see the things I can only experience here at Grady.”

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Caitlin Vinson is working remotely as an intern for The Bert Show this summer. (Photo: submitted / Graphics by Sam Perez)
Jake Strickland is interning for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization. (Photo: submitted, Graphics by Sam Perez)

Jake Strickland

“Match the company culture. Being an intern can be nerve racking, but don’t be a robot – be someone co-workers want to converse with, because this will only increase the chance of you networking and landing a job!”

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Tyler Johnson

“I will take many lessons back with me in the fall, but the most important is to be resilient. Resiliency is always knowing there is a way and not getting discouraged when something does not go as planned. “

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Rising senior Tyler Johnson is spending his summer interning for The Atlanta Press Club and Saporta Report. (Photo: submitted / Graphics: Sam Perez)Rising senior Tyler Johnson is spending his summer interning for The Atlanta Press Club and Saporta Report. (Photo: submitted / Graphics by Sam Perez)
EMST major Kate Sullivan is working as a video intern for The Gwinnett Daily Post this summer. (Photo: submitted / Graphics by Sam Perez)

Kate Sullivan

“My advice to other students looking to take on a similar role is just don’t hesitate to reach out to those opportunities that may seem far away or not as fun or impossible to get. “

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