Dr. Jooyoung Kim

Executive Director, Business & Public Communication Fellows Program; Dan Magill Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Sports Communications; Professor, Advertising


Dr. Kim teaches advertising core courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research focuses on the interaction between advertising and branding in various consumer contexts. He is also the Executive Director of Grady Business and Public Communication Fellows Program, an international professional development program for communication practitioners and scholars, in cooperation with James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research.

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Ph.D., Mass Communication (Advertising), University of Florida
M.A., Integrated Marketing Communications, University of Colorado at Boulder
B.S., Economics, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, South Korea

Research Interests and Activities

Dr. Kim’s research seeks to advance the knowledge of how advertising interacts with branding through scientific inquiries on the structural relationships among them and their effects on consumer memory and responses, as well as the development of measurement constructs and methods related to advertising and branding. Dr. Kim’s research activities include many publications in leading academic journals such as Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Advertising Research, International Journal of Advertising, Psychology & Marketing, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, among others, in addition to numerous refereed presentations and invited speeches at academic conferences and business venues. He is currently an Associate Editor of International Journal of Advertising and the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Interactive Advertising. He was elected secretary of the 2021-2022 American Academy of Advertising Board of Directors.

The Impacts of Skip Option and Time Display on Viewer Response to In-Stream Video Ads: The Role of Perceived Control and Reactance Jooyoung Kim

Abstract: The primary purpose of the current study is to examine how the presence of two digital ad features—an ad skip option and ad time display, representing behavioral and cognitive control respectively, impact viewer response to in-stream video ads in terms of perception of control, reactance and advertising outcomes. A 2 (Skip option: skippable vs. […]

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A second chance to protect yourself and others: The impact of interactivity and efficacy messages on influenza vaccination intentions in virtual reality Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn and Jooyoung Kim

Lee, Joomi (Grady postdoctoral research associate), Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace), Wu, D., Lin, J.-H., & Kim, Jooyoung. (2021). A second chance to protect yourself and others: The impact of interactivity and efficacy messages on influenza vaccination intentions in virtual reality

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The effects of commercial breaks on ad and program memory: A neurophysiological study Jooyoung Kim

ABSTRACT: Though the commercial break (CB) is a common advertising strategy, the neural processing that CBs evoke and effective CB positioning remain unclear. We investigated the effects of CB interruption, associated brain activity, ad pod position, and program genre on ad memory. Changes in the relationship between brain activity and ad memory reveal that CBs […]

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Exploring Brand Humanization on SNSs: Brand Personality and Its Influence on Brand Partner Quality, Brand Attitude, and Consumer Behavioral Engagement Jooyoung Kim

Eun Sook Kwon (Grady PhD Alum)and Jooyoung Kim (Forthcoming). Exploring Brand Humanization on SNSs: Brand Personality and Its Influence on Brand Partner Quality, Brand Attitude, and Consumer Behavioral Engagement. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising. Abstract: This study explored whether consumers interacting with brands on SNSs attribute human-like personalities to brands and further examined […]

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Brand Awe: A Key Concept for Understanding Consumer Response to Luxury and Premium Brands Jooyoung Kim

Jooyoung Kim, Hyejin Bang (Grady PhD Alum), and William Keith Campbell (Forthcoming). Brand Awe: A Key Concept for Understanding Consumer Response to Luxury and Premium Brands. Journal of Social Psychology. Abstract: In this study, we propose a new concept, brand awe, and explores its nature, underlying dimensions, and roles in relation to consumer responses. Brand […]

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Using directional cues in immersive journalism: The impact on information processing, narrative transportation, presence, news attitudes, and credibility. Matthew Binford, Keith Herndon, Jooyoung Kim & Bartosz Wojdynski

Abstract: This study examined the effects of the use of directional cues in immersive journalism on information recall, attitudes towards a news story, narrative transportation, presence, and message credibility by conducting a randomized between-subjects three-condition lab experiment (N=90) with community participants using three versions of originally produced 360̊ video news story. The study found that […]

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The Effect of Brand-Health Issue Fit on Fast-Food Health-Marketing Initiatives Hanyoung Kim and Jooyoung Kim

Abstract: Recognizing that fast-food brands are increasingly interested in featuring health and wellness values in their marketing, this study investigated the effect of perceived brand-health issue fit on consumer responses to a fast-food health-marketing initiative. Consistent with previous findings and the schema-congruent framework, the results of the current study indicate that an advertising message with […]

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Exploring the Effects of Ad-Task Relevance and Ad Salience on Ad Avoidance: The Moderating Role of Internet Use Motivation Jooyoung Kim

Abstract: This study explores the effects of ad-task relevance and ad salience on ad avoidance. Through structural equation modeling (N = 555), significant effects of ad-task relevance and ad salience on ad avoidance were found, and these relationships were mediated by ad engagement and perceived goal impediment. This study also found that Internet use motivation […]

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Effects of Social Identity and Schadenfreude on Attitude toward Brand Sponsoring an Instant Replay Review: The Moderating Role of Rivalry and Suspense Jooyoung Kim and Jihoon (Jay) Kim

Abstract: Used during sport games to guard against incorrect calls by referees, instant replay review has provided sponsoring brands an additional advertising opportunity. Although instant replay video (IRV) encourages sport spectators to stay focused on the screen, no study has examined how viewer perception of and attitude toward an ad or brand tied to IRV […]

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Advertising Nativeness as a Function of Content and Design Congruence Jooyoung Kim and Hanyoung Kim

Abstract: Despite high interest in native advertising, the definition and effectiveness of native advertising remain subjects of debate. To address this problem, we explored the nature of perceived advertising nativeness as experienced by media users, developed a scale to measure this perception, and examined how it influence advertising outcomes. Using survey data about 32 ad […]

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Teaching Specialties

Dr. Kim’s primary teaching areas are advertising and communication management, advertising campaigns, global advertising, advertising research, quantitative research methods, and data mining and analytics.


Dr. Kim has a wide array of experiences in advertising, communication, and business in both professional and academic settings. He is a member of various learned societies, including American Academy of Advertising (AAA), in which he has been involved and served in various capacities since 2002. He is also a frequent speaker and consultant for global firms, especially in South Korea, on topics related to advertising and branding. He was the visiting professor of digital media at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York City in 2016 through AEF (Advertising Educational Foundation). Before entering academia, he worked at Shinwon Corporation in South Korea as a full-time employee in accounting and finance.

Awards and Fellowships

Dr. Kim has received recognitions from several journals and academic communities, including Korea Advertising Society (2018, Best Research Award), Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (2017, Top-read paper), International Journal of Advertising (2015, Best Article), American Academy of Advertising conference (2006, Best Conference Paper) and dissertation competition award (2003), and Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference (2001, Top Paper in Advertising Division). Many student teams taught by Dr. Kim in his Advertising or IMC Campaigns course have won national awards and prizes seventeen times, including three Gold Awards (1st place) from Marketing EDGE’s Collegiate ECHO (2019, 2014, 2009) and the US-Canada Champion from InterAd competition (2002) sponsored by International Advertising Association.

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