A New Conceptual Model for Understanding Interracial Communication Apprehension: How Does Racial Representation in Television-Entertainment Media Impact Interracial Conversation?

Extended abstract accepted for presentation by the Minorities and Communication Division, AEJMC Virtual Conference, August 4-7, 2021.

Aarum Youn-Heil (Grady PhD student) and Yan Jin.

Abstract: This study proposes a new conceptual model for understanding interracial communication apprehension (IRCA), delineating how people of color use various communication practices (Orbe, 1998) and coping strategies (Lazarus, 1991) to cope with communication apprehension (McCroskey, 1970) triggered by or associated with racial representation in television-entertainment media and public discourse on race-related topics. In-depth interviews are conducted to provide initial examination of the new IRCA model. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

Yan Jin 

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