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Understanding the competency spectrum for communication management: The need, the gap, and the continuous learning mindset

Abstract: Communication practitioners are expected to master a wide range of communication and non-communication skills to demonstrate efficiency and competency. Although the competency spectrum has been taken for granted in […]

Digital acumen and readiness for Industry 4.0: Why digital competency development is crucial for communication

Juan Meng and Jeonghyun (Janice) Lee (doctoral student). (Sept. 23, 2021) Abstract:  Digital acumen is essential for communication management in today’s technology-driven communication environment. However, not every communication professional is […]

The role of effective leadership performance in constructing an engaging institutional environment for communication professionals: Evidence from a global study

Abstract: Communication leaders can strategically use organizational resources to co-define functions (the constructionist approaches in leadership) and to establish interpersonal alliances within and beyond communication units (the relational approaches in […]

Building trusting and committed relationships: The role of job cognition and face-and-favor in the context of Chinese organizations

Abstract: This study tests how the cognitive component of work attitude, particularly the job cognition as tested by Williams and Anderson (1991), affects the dynamic relationships among trust, commitment, and […]