Digital acumen and readiness for Industry 4.0: Why digital competency development is crucial for communication

This is an invited research brief and blog contribution to the Digital Media Research Center by The Institute for Public Relations, available at 

Juan Meng and Jeonghyun (Janice) Lee (doctoral student). (Sept. 23, 2021)

Abstract:  Digital acumen is essential for communication management in today’s technology-driven communication environment. However, not every communication professional is well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in managing the digital aspects of their daily practice. If competencies are the key functional abilities in effective communication practice, the need for constant improvement shall be addressed and integrated into business strategy. The 2020-2021 NACM investigates six key competencies of communication professionals, including data, technology, management, business, self-reflection, and communication. The results reveal some significant discrepancies between perceived importance and personal qualification in three key areas: data, technology, and management as displayed in the chart below. 

JeongHyun (Janice) Lee  Juan Meng 

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