Management of Cybersecurity through Internal Communication

Solyee Kim (PhD alum) & Jeonghyun Janice Lee (PhD candidate), “Management of Cybersecurity through Internal Communication” in Internal Communication and Employee Engagement: A Case Study Approach. McCown, N., Men, L. R., Jiang, H., & Shen, H. (Eds.), 2023.

Abstract: Organizations increasingly experience threats to their organization’s cybersecurity such as data theft, manipulation and fraud. However, the topic is rarely discussed in the field of communication management. Defined as a set of guidelines, technologies and training that provide protection of an organization’s data and of its computer and digital communication infrastructure, cybersecurity is perceived as a critical topic for communications professionals. This chapter discusses findings from a survey on perceptions about cybersecurity from 1,046 communication professionals in the United States and Canada, conducted as part of North American Communications Monitor (NACM) 2020-2021. This survey provides comprehensive understandings of communication professionals’ personal and organizational experiences related to cyberattacks or data threat; internal information management to enhance cybersecurity; and perceptions of likelihood of attacks from cyber criminals. Internal communication presents a number of opportunities to prevent and mitigate crises related to cyberattacks and data thefts. The survey findings revealed the importance of internal communication and employee engagement for cybersecurity issues.

Solyee Kim  JeongHyun (Janice) Lee 

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