We are All Fishes Now

Chess, Shira. & Shaw. A. (2016). We are All Fishes Now: DiGRA, Feminism, and GamerGate. Transactions of Digital Games (ToDiGRA). 2(2). Available at: http://todigra.org/index.php/todigra/article/view/39

Abstract: Following DiGRA 2014, our Fishbowl was used by some members of the GamerGate movement as proof of the “nefarious” dealings within our academic community. Some have asked the question of whether our Fishbowl “The Playful is Political” should have been accepted, given the negative attention on DiGRA it engendered and ongoing ramifications of that attention on the feminist game studies community. In what follows, we argue why our Fishbowl was an important first step in broaching a larger conversation about identity, diversity, and gaming.

Shira Chess 

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