Re-making the World: Autoethnographic Interventions

Journal of Autoethnography, Vol. 2, Issue 3, pp. 290–292, (Published by the University of California Press).

Abstract: This collection of autoethnographic eco-poetry offers a pedagogical vision for environmental education in an age of Climate Change (and its denial). The poems reflect on the author’s efforts at teaching environmental storytelling. Differing in tone, thematic and emotive imprint (ruminative, conciliatory, angry, deliberative), these autoethnographic eco-poems offer entry points for the reader/ educator to engage with the coming crises of Climate Change in their own lives and work. The poems reflect on the complex, contested, and incomplete journey of the author in seeking, implementing, and developing a pedagogy of investment in and for students of media.

Anandam Kavoori 

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