Leading by Ear: Podcasting as an Educational Leadership Tool

Journal of Leadership Education.

Charlotte Norsworthy (Grady M.A. student) and Keith Herndon. (Forthcoming). Leading by Ear: Podcasting as an Educational Leadership Tool. Journal of Leadership Education.

Paper accepted for the annual conference of the Association of Leadership Educators, Nashville, TN.

Abstract: This innovative practice paper explains how a student-produced podcast is used as an educational tool to showcase leadership and ethics. It illustrates how podcasting provides a unique pedagogical experience for students to engage with leadership themes in a way that is accessible, practical, and relevant. In this example, the podcast episodes become an innovative teaching resource, while the creation of it provides an experiential learning opportunity for the student hosts. In creating the work, students develop essential critical thinking skills, and the students who engage with the podcast are introduced to valuable leadership concepts.

Keith Herndon 

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