Double Dawgs Pathways

Double Dawgs is an initiative that encourages undergraduate students to start planning for their master’s degree while they are still in school. The advantages are great: in many cases, students can complete two degrees in five years, saving time and money. Most importantly, it makes these students more marketable to future employers once they graduate. Grady College is pleased to support this initiative by currently sponsoring eight Double Dawgs Pathways. Visit for more information. Students may express their interest in a Grady Double Dawgs Pathway or request an application to apply via Athena. To schedule an appointment with our Double Dawgs Pathway Advisor, please email

M.A. in Emerging Media

The Emerging Media master’s concentration focuses on the intersection of technology and design, allowing individuals to explore the various facets, roles, and applications of emerging media across an array of disciplines and careers. The Emerging Media master’s program focuses heavily on interactive digital media through a project-based curriculum and encompasses the following: design, development, digital storytelling, social strategy, data analytics, brand identity, user research, product ideation, project management, and emerging technologies. Designed to accommodate students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, this program is intended for individuals who wish to further personal career goals and those of their employers through the leveraging of emerging media and innovative technologies.

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Advertising/Emerging Media Double Dawgs Program

Entertainment and Media Studies/Emerging Media Double Dawgs Program

Journalism/Emerging Media Double Dawgs Program

Public Relations/Emerging Media Double Dawgs Program

M.A. in Journalism

The master’s degree in Journalism prepares students for jobs in news organizations and for doctoral programs in mass communication. Students develop advanced skills in finding and telling important stories in audio, visual and written forms, and they also learn about the research that supports the disciplines of journalism and mass communication. We prepare leaders in online media, television, magazines, newspapers, and any career that values ethical, credible communication skills.

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Journalism/Journalism Double Dawgs Program

M.A. in Health & Medical Journalism

This master’s degree program prepares students to write, report and produce multimedia content about topics related to science, health and medicine. Students learn to confidently translate complex topics for lay audiences and have many opportunities to publish their writing in local, state and national outlets. Coursework combines classes in journalism theory, research and practice with classes in scientific and health-related fields of students’ choosing. The program is open to applicants holding a bachelor’s degree in any field, with or without prior experience in journalism.

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Journalism/Journalism Double Dawgs Program

M.A. in ADPR – Integrated

The Integrated ADPR program is designed for students who majored in advertising or public relations at Grady and want to complete an accelerated master’s program as well. Building on their undergraduate programs, students will further develop their understanding of and skills in strategic communication by studying theory, research methods, ethics, and practices of both advertising and public relations, particularly in how they interact on social and digital platforms. Students will be prepared for management-level careers in PR, advertising, and integrated communication in business, government, or nonprofit sectors.

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Advertising/Integrated AdPR Double Dawgs Program

Entertainment and Media Studies/Integrated AdPR Double Dawgs Program

Public Relations/Integrated AdPR Double Dawgs Program

M.A. in Advertising

The master’s in advertising program prepares students for jobs in a variety of advertising, marketing communication, health communication and social/digital communication as well as for future graduate studies. Students acquire skills as managers, analysts, strategists, creative decision-makers, and planners in advertising and related marketing communication fields. Students explore the social, ethical and economic order in which advertising operates as well as the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in communication campaigns.  Graduates work in traditional and digital advertising agencies, social media outlets and advertising/communication departments at various media, health and health-related organizations as well as in the advertising and marketing communication departments of leading companies.

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Music/Advertising Double Dawgs Program

M.A. in Public Relations

The master’s program with a concentration in public relations is designed to prepare aspiring students to be highly competent, socially conscious, and engaged leaders in public relations with advanced knowledge, expertise, critical thinking, digital analytical skills, and a global vision. The program is tailored to help students step up from the gained tactical knowledge to a more strategic, innovative, and managerial approach to launch their career in public relations and related areas such as corporate communication, stakeholder engagement, crisis & internal communication, external relations, public affairs, financial communication, integrated communication, etc. The intensive program features courses in theory learning and application, digital analytics, ethics & diversity, research- and data-driven strategy creation, leadership capabilities & capacity, and trends in global communication. Students will have many opportunities to learn from and interact with top leaders in the industry and from the world to gain real-world work experience and industry insights.

Helen Mahany

Helen Mahany

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