Grady College graduate students earn recognition

Anne Perera, a Ph.D. graduate student, is recognized by members of the International Public Relations Research Board of Directors for winning the Best Paper Award at the 27th annual IPRR Conference. Perera is one of several graduate students to win recognitions this spring. (Photo: submitted)

Grady College graduate students earn recognition

April 10, 2024

It’s been an active spring of recognition for the outstanding work of graduate students at Grady College.

Several students from the Grady College Graduate Studies program have been recognized for their early research contributions to the industries they will serve.

“Our Ph.D. students consistently receiving awards and recognition for their teaching, research, and scholarship illustrates the strength of our doctoral program,” said Glen Nowak, associate dean for research and graduate studies. “At Grady, Ph.D. students are mentored by top scholars and researchers, and graduate well prepared to teach college students and undertake high quality research that informs communication practices and scholarship.” 

Anne Perera, a Ph.D. student studying public relations, received the Best Paper Award at the 27th International Public Relations Research Conference in March.

The paper, “Adoption of Generative Practices: Individual and Organizational Implications from the Perspective of Communication Professionals,” explored how the adoption of Generative AI could impact communication professionals by looking at their interest, usage, perception and challenges. The paper was recognized for the best paper that reflected the theme of the conference, “Connecting Insights to Impact with Al, diversity, sustainability and trust: Research that matters to the practice.”  It was co-authored by Juan Meng, UGA Athletic Association Endowed Professor and head of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, and Michael Cacciatore, co-director of the Center for Health & Risk Communication.

In addition to Perera, several other graduate students have recently been recognized for their work.

Leslie Klein holds up the certificate she was awarded for by the Center for Teaching and Learning for Outstanding Teaching Assistantship. Klein just defended her doctoral dissertation and will graduate in May. Grace Adams was also recognized as an Outstanding Teaching Assistant. (Photo: submitted)

Grace Adams , a Ph.D. student, and Leslie Klein, who just defended her doctoral dissertation and is going to graduate in a few weeks, each received a UGA Center for Teaching and Learning Outstanding Teaching Assistantship Award. This annual award, which is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction, recognizes graduate students who demonstrate superior instructional skills while serving in the classroom. Adams and Klein were recognized at the CTL Spring Teaching Celebration on April 3.

Ja Kyung Seo , a Ph.D. candidate, received an American Academy of Advertising 2024 Graduate Student Conference Scholarship for her lead-authored paper in collaboration with the Grady College Health and Environmental Advertising Research Team (HEART). Seo was selected to receive a 2024 Summer Doctoral Research Assistantship from the UGA Graduate School.

Jaemin Kim , aPh.D. student, received an American Academy of Advertising 2024 Student Travel Scholarship, which is offered to a limited number of applicants, for the paper titled “I Don’t Like the Ad Sponsoring My Pain: The Gluckschmerz Effects of Instant Replay Video Review on Sponsoring Ad and Brand.”

Emily Barske Wood, a student pursuing an MFA in Narrative Nonfiction, is the recipient of a scholarship, from ACES: The Society for Editing. Wood is currently special projects editor at the Des Moines Business Record weekly newspaper. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wood led the newsroom’s print publications, digital products, and events. The scholarship recognizes excellence in critical thinking about written materials in any field and is awarded to those who aspire to a career involving editing.

Author: Sarah Freeman,