Grady Career Services

Grady College partners with UGA’s Career Center to help students and alumni with their career planning and development. We also connect interested employers with our students and alumni for all recruiting and staffing needs.

We can help you list or find employment opportunities, improve your resume or job interviewing skills, and connect you with the right people at seminars, career fairs and alumni and employer networking events.

Pre-Grady Students

Do you know what you want to do after graduation? Check out these resources.

What can you do with your Grady major?

Entertainment & Media Studies
Public Relations

When to see a career consultant

There is a Grady College career consultant based in the UGA Career Center at Clark Howell Hall. Students can see the Grady Career consultant for major/career choice, resume and cover letter critiques, mock interview, personal statements, graduate school, and general career-related questions. See details at right about connecting with the Grady Career Consultant.

Grady Students

Grady College students have a variety of programs and resources available to them to help network and find internships and entry-level jobs. Grady Career Services works closely with the Career Center to coordinate the following:

  • Career Fairs (AdPR Connection in the fall and Grady Career Fair in the spring)
  • Résumé Critiques
  • Grady Goes (short day-trips into Atlanta visiting local companies)
  • Career Panels
  • Grady Jobs & Internships Newsletter (this newsletter, distributed every Tuesday, highlights internships and entry-level jobs in the communications industry. It is distributed to pre–Grady students, Grady students and recent graduates via the Grady Jobs listserv. If you are a Grady College student or alum and want to be added to the listserv, please contact Samantha Meyer via the email to the right.)


If you are interested in an internship for credit, take a look at the following links for guidelines and applications:

Journalism – All Emphasis Areas
Public Relations

EMST Employer Information about Offering an Internship
EMST 5010Request for Approval of Internship Application
EMST: Standards for Credit-Eligible Internships
EMST: Important Things You Should Know About Internships
ESMT: Frequently Asked Questions
EMST 5170: Proposal for a Project/Study

Samantha Meyer

Samantha Meyer

Director of Experiential Learning





Journalism Building, 312-A


Alumni who have graduated from Grady College are encouraged to participate in a variety of Grady career services including the following:

  • LinkedIn Grady Alumni Group (join other Grady College alumni to find updates on job postings and college news.)
  • Grady Jobs & Internships Newsletter (targeted toward students and young alumni, this newsletter, distributed every Tuesday, highlights internships and entry-level jobs in the communications industry via the Grady Jobs listserv. If you are a Grady College student or alum and want to be added to the listserv, please contact Kelvin Rutledge via the email to the right.)
  • Be a Mentor—Alumni and friends of Grady College are encouraged to participate in the UGA Mentor Program. The UGA Mentor program is a structured opportunity for current undergraduate and graduate students to connect with alumni and friends of Grady College. Getting started is easy. Simply create a profile on the UGA Mentor digital platform, attend a quick orientation, then instantly begin searching for a mentor using a variety of search criteria including: industry, major, location and more.  Mentors and mentees are encouraged to talk one to two hours per month during a four-month period. These conversations will center around topics such as professional skills needed in today’s world of work, diversity and inclusion perspectives, and other topics based upon students interests. Mentors do not have to be based within the Athens area.
    For more information, please visit the UGA Mentor Program website, or contact Samantha Meyer, director of Experiential Programs for Grady College.


Grady Career Day

Thursday, February 7, 2019

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tate Grand Hall

Connecting more than 350 students with more than 70 employers in industries including digital, print and broadcast journalism, creative mass media, media sales, film, advertising and public relations.

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We value the support of employers. There are several ways employers can get involved with Grady College to network with current students and future employees:

  • Post a job for any UGA student/alum: post employment opportunities on UGA’s hireUGA, an online job board. Only UGA students and alumni have access to this board., and posting  is free!
  • AdPR Connection 2016 2020 Vision (Photos/Stephanie Moreno, for Grady College students and alumni only:  post internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and freelance positions for Grady College students and recent alumni. Simply forward an online link or job description to to be posted on our newsletter on Tuesdays. Postings are removed after three weeks unless otherwise requested by the employer.
  • Host a Grady College student: UGA’s Intern For A Day program allows employers to host one or more students at your location. It is a great way to connect with students and provide information about your industry. Simply visit to apply. Contact Aaron Brown at or 706-583-5475 for more information.
  • Visit Campus: visit UGA and host an informational session or on-campus interviews. Please visit the following Career Center webpage for more information. Employers can also schedule on-campus interviews in the UGA Career Center. For details,  please visit hireUGA. com and click on the “Campus Interviews” tab. For questions, please contact Recruiting Coordinator Debi Grayson at
  • Career Fair: host a booth at one of our career fairs including AdPR Connection held every fall and the Journalism and Mass Communication Career Fair held each spring. Contact Kelvin Rutledge at for details.
  •  Partner with Department of Advertising and Public Relations: the AdPR Department has formed partnerships with companies offering internship programs exclusively for Grady AdPR majors. There are also select opportunities for companies to become a client for one of our student campaigns classes.  For details about either opportunity, please email Bryan Reber, AdPR Department Head, at