Members of the 2017 Peabody Student Honor Board served at the Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media luncheon and the Peabody Awards ceremony in NYC.

Video: The Peabody Student Honor Board Experience

The Peabody Student Honor Board allows University of Georgia students the opportunity to be involved with the Peabody Awards, which honor the most powerful, enlightening, and invigorating stories in television, radio, and online media.

The students serve as production assistants for the awards ceremony in New York, as ambassadors for the university community, and as judges for a separate but related awards program called the Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award.

For the Futures of Media Award, which fall under the Peabody Media Center, students review and judge digital storytelling and choose top winners for stories in digital spaces. As part of the judging process, the students take a “New Digital Narratives” course, refining their critical-thinking and deliberation skills through examination of emerging media forms.

“It’s about as close to experiential learning as you’ll find, in that the students are studying it and then they get to meet and interface with the producers of that media,” said Jeffrey P. Jones, executive director of the Peabody Awards, who teaches the class. “Many of the students have reported what a rich experience it was for them.”

See a glimpse of what the Peabody Student Honor Board experience is like in the video below, which features interviews from students during the May 2017 Peabody events in New York City.


Date: September 27, 2017

Editor:  Stephanie Moreno,