2024 Fellowship Profile: Cynthia Graubart

Cynthia Graubart will be recognized as a new member of the Grady Fellowship on April 26, 2024. The recognition takes place during the Grady Salutes luncheon at Grady College. (Photos: Submitted by Cynthia Graubart)

2024 Fellowship Profile: Cynthia Graubart

April 24, 2024

Congratulations to Cynthia Graubart (ABJ ’82) on being named a 2024 Fellowship inductee.

Graubart is an acclaimed cookbook author and culinary television producer with an extensive career spanning decades. Her expertise encompasses various production environments, from live multi-camera specials to in-studio series, where she has produced pilot packages for esteemed cookbook authors.

In addition to her behind-the-scenes work, Cynthia steps in front of the camera to share her passion for family meals on national platforms. She is also a prolific writer, having authored numerous cookbooks and received prestigious awards for her contributions to food writing. Co-founding Culinary Media Training and Productions in 2020, Cynthia continues to empower culinary professionals to thrive in today’s digital landscape through coaching and training programs.

What would you tell your 20-year-old self? 

Cynthia Graubart has authored or co-authored more than ten cookbooks.

You don’t know it now because the singular focus has been on ‘what are you going to be or do after graduation’, but there’s a whole big life ahead of you and especially as a woman, you’ll reinvent yourself many times over. It’s going to be a wonderful ride. Embrace opportunity. Embrace change.

What experience at Grady College did the most to prepare you for your career?

In the years I was at Grady, it was nearly impossible to get a job after graduation without an internship. I was lucky and was able to do two: one each my junior and senior years. Being able to have real work experience to put on a resume gave me an enormous leg up in starting my career. 

 What skills and/or values and/or circumstances do you attribute to your success?

Luck. Being in the right place at the right time. But, of course, you have to be ready when the luck comes. 

What are the most important skills communicators should master?

Graubart and former President Jimmy Carter when she produced a documentary for The Carter Center in 1984.

I believe listening is the most important skill communicators can master. Study and research are certainly important, but the art of listening is grossly overlooked. Listen not only for understanding, but listen to allow those reluctant to speak fill the space. You’ll gain so much by listening. 

Advice for current Grady students

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that media is still a whole-you-know business. Meet anyone and everyone you can. Develop relationships with professors and students, and visitors to campus. Stay in touch. Alums are excited to see new grads and willing to help. Pay your dues. Get involved.

The Fellows
 will be inducted and recognized along with the 2024 Alumni Award recipients during the annual Grady Salutes event. This year’s Grady Salutes will be a luncheon on Friday, April 26. Details about sponsorship information and reservations will be coming soon to the Grady Salutes webpage.

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