Laura Nwogu

“Tenacity means striving to achieve a dream or a goal no matter the obstacles that get in your way.”

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Taylor Potter

“I’ve used my studies and skills in every single one of my internships! My EMST and film studies roots were integral to my internship with the Peabody Media Center. One particular example is how crucial my teachings in editing were. When COVID-19 necessitated the switch to online classes in the spring, I had to edit an entire video project on my own. It was incredibly challenging, but I learned a lot from that project and am proud of what I created!.”

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Mason Cantrell

“Most importantly, I will miss the lifelong friends I made in Grady who I will always hark back to and be so proud of as peers in the industry.”

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Hayden Schwartz

“The excuse of being a student is temporary… go make mistakes, go make your project, follow your curiosity and act on it while you have the chance.”

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Soha Imam

“No matter what happens I know Grady has prepared me to take on every challenge I encounter and turn it into a success story.”

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Joybeth Sullivan

“I am passionate about the ability we have to bring a story into the life and imagination of cinema, poetry, writing, and the way that brings comfort, newness, and understanding. The world is full of smaller worlds waiting to be shared.”

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Jessica Story

“Grady students are so unique in that we take an idea, fine tune it, and create it. In a lot of other colleges, an idea is given to you and your create it, but Grady students carry a project from beginning to end.”

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Nick Hayward

“Grady has allowed me to pursue a variety of different things throughout my time at UGA. The connections I have built through Grady have allowed me to spend my time branching out, and I have been able to find new things that interest me.”

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Mikaela Cohen

“I have learned how to be adaptive and intuitive. Industries will continue changing, but Grady has taught me to be open to any changes thrown my way.”

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Madison Drummond

“I chose Grady because it would give me a professional edge; I am challenged and pushed to better myself personally and professionally every day here, and I love that.”

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Olamide Ogunjobi

“Nothing motivates me more than seeing people achieve their dreams and push themselves towards limits they never thought possible.”

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Rachel Yuan

“I think Grady students see the world differently. When they meet someone, they are automatically invested in understanding that person’s story. They take every opportunity to create, from silly day projects with friends to huge, year-long, 20-person crew productions.”

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Marq Norris

“At Grady, not only do you learn from seasoned industry professionals that want to see you prosper, but you get access to an incredibly supportive community of leaders through Grady’s channels.”

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Skylar Nicholson

“Connecting with a group of individuals and presenting information to audiences with an honest perspective to seek social engagement and positive change is my purpose.”

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Yash Bhika

“At Grady, there are so many opportunities around you that it is easy to want to do everything, but you have to put time into the projects you care about to get the best results.”

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Luke D'Agostino

“Grady feels like a community. People are happy to be a part of this school, and they build each other up.”

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Alexandra Rios

“People, places and ideas fascinate me. I am curious about the world: how people think, why they think the way they do and meeting people where they are.”

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Melissa Hevener

“Between meeting thousands of students new to the university, hearing their stories and lived experiences or spending time with my Orientation team, there wasn’t one thing that was the greatest highlight of my summer.”

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Sofia Gratas

“Journalism is the cornerstone of any society, and I think being a journalist — any kind of journalist — is one of the most noble professions.”

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Kelsey Cunningham

“I find a lot of my happiness not in what I personally accomplish, but how I’m able to encourage and support those whom I believe in.”

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Luis Contreras

“By creating a collaborative environment, individuals within a group can exchange a diverse range of ideas, allowing for a quicker, more creative way to finding the best solution. Grady does a wonderful job of preparing those in the school for the real world ahead of them.”

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Lucia Vereen

“I’m also motivated by my deepest desire to put stories out into the world, whether they be through fiction writing, film, or television, and representing those who rarely see themselves in the mainstream.”

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Baylee Marsh

“My most memorable Grady experiences are just the creative classes that I’m able to take on a day-to-day basis. Being able to learn strategies that improve my businesses feels so rewarding.”

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Phillip B. Hubbard

“Grady is like a family to me. Everybody supports one another in this college no matter what your major is.”

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Thomas May

“Even though you often feel like because of your age you have less to add to an academic discussion, sometimes you might actually have more.”

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Gustavo Cervantes

“Being in Grady has really elevated my value at my job – my superiors really respect what I have to say about our communication strategy.”

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Maggie Cavalenes

“There’s no need for negativity in an empty space – I try to come into things with positive energy and with the hope of receiving good things back.”

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Polo Vargas

“My highlight from my time at Grady thus far has been getting to know professors who have such vast knowledge about their profession.”

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Taylor Lee

“Being in Grady has allowed me to think freely and not be afraid to take risks! Because of my college, I have become more of a “yes” person and that has changed my life drastically.”

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Taylor Gerlach

“To me, showing Grady Grit means using what we’re learning in a professional manner to impact our community.”

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AdPR Connection co-directors Akyra Kelley (left) and Maria Stagliano (right) show Grady pride.

Akyra Kelley

” Participating in research here, one of the best research institutions, has given me personal fulfillment.”

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Nathan Gostin

“Choosing a favorite [teacher] is hard because they’ve all made an incredible impression on me, and Grady wouldn’t be the same without them.”

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Maria Stagliano shows Grady pride by welcoming Julia Spreng and other students on Grady New Admit Day.

Maria Stagliano

“Grady is one giant network of amazingly talented people–all with different perspectives.”

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Trey Leonard

“Grady has far exceeded my expectations for what a college is supposed to provide its students.”

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