Social Media Strategies for Overcoming Stakeholder Social Media Fatigue: A Trialogue Approach

Journal of Business Strategy (Special Issue of Corporate Communication – Transformation of Strategy).

Abstract: The continuation of rapid changes in Web 2.0 has transformed the practice of business communication and stakeholders’ expectations. One paramount issue facing corporate communicators is stakeholders’ social media fatigue that leads to online disengagement and social media strategy ineffectiveness. To tackle this challenge, a conceptual model is provided to guide the development of alternative social media strategies that capitalize on the impact of vicarious interaction and reenergize stakeholders via trialogue based on the corporate-influencer-stakeholder (parasocial) relationships. A systematic review of research literature and a deep dive in the professional reports regarding corporate communication and social media strategies are conducted. A model for overcoming stakeholder social media fatigue via optimizing corporate- influencer-stakeholder (parasocial) relationship is proposed and elaborated, with actionable social media strategies recommended for corporate communicators to use.

Youngji Seo  Marilyn Primovic  Yan Jin 

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