Inseparable Duos

Lee, Yen-I. (Grady doctoral student), Jin, Yan., & Nowak, Glen. (2016, August). Inseparable Duos: The Effects of Message Framing and Presentation on College Students’ Responses to Flu Vaccine Public Service Advertisements. Presented to Advertising Division at AEJMC national conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Abstract: This study examined the effects of message framing and presentation in flu vaccine public service advertisements (PSAs) using a 2 (gain vs. loss) x 2 (image-based vs. text only presentation) between-subject experiment with a sample of U.S. college students (N = 122). The findings indicated that flu vaccine PSAs that utilized a gain-framed image-based message or a loss-framed text-only message elicited greater confidence in flu vaccine, positive affect toward advertisement, and positive attitude toward flu vaccine. In contrast, a loss-framed image-based message and a gain-framed text-only message triggered negative attitudes toward flu vaccine.

Yen-I Lee  Yan Jin  Glen Nowak 

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