Dissecting the Root of Vaccine Misinformation on Pinterest: A Content Analysis of Vaccine-Related Pins by Influential Social Media Accounts

Electronic Journal of Communication, 29 (1&2).

Abstract: Given the role the Internet plays in communicating anti-vaccine sentiments, coupled with limited research in this area, this study focused on the social media platform Pinterest, analyzing 1,119 vaccine-related pins posted by six anti-vaccine entities through a quantitative content analysis. Findings reveal that anti-vaccine organizations primarily posted about the flu, MMR, and HPV vaccines, with the anti-MMR and anti-flu vaccine posts eliciting significantly more online engagement. In addition, fear images are present in most pins, as are discussions about the adverse effects of vaccines. Health educators and public health organizations should be aware of these dynamics since these findings can be used to craft more effective vaccine uptake campaigns.

Michael Cacciatore  Yan Jin 

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