Controversial Fashion and Corporate Crisis Learning: An Analysis of the Recent History of Diversity-Related Crisis Events in the Global Fashion Industry

Accepted for presentation at the Corporate Communication International (CCI) Conference on Corporate Communication, May 26-28, 2020, Milan, Italy.

Abstract: In recent years, several fashion organizations have received trenchant criticisms made against garments and fashion campaigns that included designs and graphics with negative racial connotations. Crisis issues can be amplified quickly with the use of social media, which often escalates the conflict between a crisis stricken organization and its emotionally charged online stakeholders. The present study examines three incidences in which three global fashion brands experienced scandals around the racially-inconsiderate fashions they released, causing harm to their reputation, brand image, and global consumer markets. Findings of this study provide a theory-based framework with actionable recommendations for global crisis communication specifically targeted toward corporate organizations in the fashion industry.


Brooke Liu, Yan Jin, Lucinda Austin, Erica Kuligowski, and Camila Young (Grady PhD student).

Yan Jin 

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