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Jung Min Hahm, & Jooyoung Kim (2016). “Friends of Connection” Advertisingon Facebook: The Roles of Tie-Strength and Perceived Reaction Intensity. Paper to be presented to the American Academy of Advertising Conference, March 17-20, Seattle, WA.

Abstract: Facebook’s “Friends of connection” allows marketers to feature Facebookusers’ reactions (e.g., like) to brand-related contents and forward them to their Friends as advertising. The present study experimentally investigated the reaction transfer effect from a Facebook user’s reaction to the user’s friend focusing on the reaction intensity and the level of tie-strength between friends. The results showed that the perceived reaction intensity of Facebook friend and the tie-strength between the user and friend favorably affected the user’s attitude toward brand, purchase intention and viral behavioral intention.

Jung Min Hahm  Jooyoung Kim 

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