#GradyInternDiaries: Delani Marchigiani

This is part of a series where we asked Grady College students to describe their internship experiences during the summer.

Name: Delani Marchigiani 

Major: Public relations 

Title of Internship: PR intern  

Company: Jackson Spalding

Location:  Athens, Georgia

Responsibilities: As a traditional PR intern, I am responsible for joining various client teams and helping with just about anything that comes my way. That can be anything from doing research for a client, to forming a media list and sending out pitches, to creating social media content calendars. I have been fortunate to be assigned to four or five specific clients but I have had the chance to work on at least one thing for a majority of our clients. Some of these clients include Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Mizuno, Chick Fil A and many more.

What was the best part about your summer internship? 

The best part of my internship by far was the people I got the opportunity to work with. The number one thing they taught me is how to enjoy work. If you dread getting up every morning and going to the office then you’re going to be miserable. However, this was not the case for me because they made it somewhere I truly wanted to be. A lot of this had to do with their positive attitudes towards everything, their hard working mentality and, of course, their humor in just about everything they do.  

What is the most memorable experience you had during your internship?  

This summer we decided to embark on an adventure—the Great Atlanta Highway Culinary Adventure that is. One afternoon we came up with the challenge to attempt to eat at every single restaurant on Atlanta Highway after Alps Road. Though we didn’t complete the challenge, we put a big dent in the list of restaurants and had a lot of laughs and good food (some not so good food) along the way.  

What is the most valuable lesson or skill you learned during your internship? 

One of the Jackson Spalding founders, Glen Jackson, once said that it is easier to become a success than to remain a success. The only way to remain a success and become the most trusted and respected agency around is to earn that title through honesty, humility and hard work. You can’t always take the easy route; you have to put in the effort that’s going help find a better way and a greater return.  

What advice would you give to a student looking for an internship?  

Don’t give up. As cliché as that is, it could not be truer. I applied to 10-20 internships last spring and felt like every day I was either getting rejected or not receiving any response at all. Almost every day I just wanted to quit but I knew I would regret it. Applying and interviewing for internships is intimidating and a whole lot of work but in the end it’s worth it because you might just happen to stumble across a company like Jackson Spalding at the next PRSSA meeting and introduce yourself and get yourself a great internship, just like I did.  

 How did your internship help confirm your desired career path or make you re-evaluate what you want to do in the future? 

Going into my junior year I thought I wanted to do in-house PR for a large corporate company. However, after working with Jackson Spalding I have realized that I really enjoy the agency setting working on various accounts with each client having different needs, goals and people to work with.

Date: August 16, 2017