AdPR students present Millennials research to executives in NYC

Members of the PHD Grady Creative Collective last week traveled to New York to present the results of their research project on Millennials for global media agency PHD Worldwide to over 60 advertising executives and clients including HBO, Elizabeth Arden and Footlocker.

“We get their opinions about the world we are living in today,” Tara Nolan, PHD's director of marketing, told AdWeek about the partnership between the agency and the Grady College. “They do focus groups and provide their own opinions based on questions we task them with.”

(Credit: Karen King)

Team members Yates Webb, Victoria Skinner, Channing Jones, Brandon Murphy, and Abby Jensen, under the mentorship of Advertising Professor Karen King with the help of Assistant Professor Elaine Lin, spent five months conducting those focus groups, along with in-depth interviews and a national survey to better understand their generation.

“This was the third year of our partnership with PHD Worldwide,” King explained. “Once again, the Grady ADPR team did a great job conducting research and providing insights on their generation. We are grateful to PHD for giving our students this opportunity.”

Capping off the research portion of the project was a trip to South by Southwest Interactive where the students attended sessions, live Tweeted and posted daily about their experiences on the multimedia blog The Millennial View.

Students meet with Blake Chamblee, VP of Partnerships at Facebook, during the 2014 SWSX conference. (Credit: Karen King)

At the conference, AOL's David Shing interviewed the students about their consumer and social media habits, the first in a series of “Shingerviews” from SXSW on The Huffington Post.

(Credit: Karen King)

The students are also featured in AdWeek in Vine interviews where they each sum up how they believe marketers can best reach Millennials.

Advertising Professor Karen King, mentor for the PHD Grady Creative Collective, sneaks a photo with Internet superstar Grumpy Cat at SXSW 2014 in Austin, Texas.
Date: March 26, 2014

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