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Sexualized Images of Female Influencers in Instagram Advertising: Do They Work? Jihoon (Jay) Kim

Abstract: The primary purpose of the current study is to examine the effects of sexualized images of influencers on the effectiveness of advertising regarding both cognitive and motivational processing. Overall, the results indicate that the sexualized images of influencers negatively affect the evaluation of the influencer, which in turn affects attitude towards the ad and […]

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Gender equality in public relations and communication: A comprehensive study bridging the knowledge between North and South America Juan Meng

Abstract: our research endeavors to provide the current reality of gender equality in the profession of public relations in the geographic region of America (i.e., North America and South America). Specifically, we explore the perceptions of gender equality in four regions in America, including North America, Northern South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and Southern South America. By […]

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The impact of crucibles in developing public relations character and competencies as servant leaders Juan Meng

Abstract: Crucibles are essential in the development of leaders. Crucibles refer to trials and challenges that test and mold the character, values, and behavior of leaders. Through in-depth interviews with 31 public relations leaders, we examined how crucible experiences specifically shaped them to practice servant leadership. Through the narratives they constructed about these experiences, we […]

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Decoding Demarketing Advertising: The Role of Company Mission Commitment and Credibility on Demarketing Efforts Shuoya Sun and Hye Jin Yoon

Abstract: Consumers are increasingly in support of sustainable marketing and demarketing has received attention as a viable strategy in response to this growing sentiment. As only a few studies focused on testing demarketing in the context of mindful or anti-consumption, this study tested the effects of practical elements such as a company’s mission commitment level to the […]

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Telenovelas and Melodramas around the World Carolina Acosta-Alzuru

Abstract: The presentation centered on four questions: 1) What do we mean when we say “telenovelas” today? 2) What are the key telenovela producing countries? 3) How are the telenovela markets behaving at the end of 2021? 3) Why do telenovelas still travel well?

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“The Traveling Turkish Dizi,” invited Webinar organized by Turkey’s Imbat Akademi. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru

Abstract: In this webinar I covered the rise of Turkish dramas in the global market, the regional nuances of their consumption and how they’re essential for Turkey’s soft power.

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The Future of Photojournalism Kyser Lough

Kyser Lough (October 2021) Panelist: “The Future of Photojournalism.” South Carolina Humanities’ Picturing Democracy series. Charleston, South Carolina. 

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How does a solutions focus change the frame of documentary photography Kyser Lough

Details: Documentary storytelling regularly focuses on the problems around us. While such investigations are both necessary and vital for a democratic culture, they do not, by themselves, offer a comprehensive picture of the world, and need to be supplemented with different perspectives. Solutions journalism is a new perspective in visual journalism that changes the frame […]

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Virtual Reality Experience in Tourism Advertising: Roles of Immersion and Advertising Engagement Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn and Jihoon (Jay) Kim

Abstract: Building favorable destination image and evoking positive feelings toward tourism ads are essential to the success of destination marketing in the competitive tourism business environment. The current study investigated the potential of virtual reality (VR) in providing new and innovative avenues for promoting destination image in tourism and testing its impact on advertising engagement […]

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