Journalism faculty prepares an ‘Inspiring Student Writers’ workshop for Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College faculty will visit the University of Georgia Sept. 15 – 17 for the “Inspiring Student Writers” workshop conducted by Grady College’s Department of Journalism.

Grady professors and lecturers will focus on content, credibility and competency when leading this workshop on different techniques and concepts to apply while teaching writing at the collegiate level.

A variety of sessions will cover topics including visual note taking, graphics, plagiarism and digital sources that will provide an opportunity for attendees to gain further insight on multiple aspects of journalism and writing.

Apart from lectures, guests will have the chance to drop in on different Grady classroom interactions in Advanced Photojournalism, Video Production, Informational Gathering and Environmental Reporting. They will also observe Grady Newsource students as they broadcast their live show on Thursday night.

Powell Moore, an alumnus of Grady College and GMC, financially supports the workshop through the Moore Family Fund at GMC.

“We are grateful that the Powell Moore Foundation values the importance of effective writing, and we hope this collaborative workshop between Grady journalism and Georgia Military College will help inspire student writers across the state of Georgia,” said Janice Hume, head of the Department of Journalism.

Grady faculty members hope that the visiting professors at the workshop will take back these innovative teaching methods to GMC and implement them in their own classrooms to benefit their students and colleagues. 

Date: September 12, 2016
Author:  Gabrielle Cowand,
Contact:  Janice Hume,