Using directional cues in immersive journalism: The impact on information processing, narrative transportation, presence, news attitudes, and credibility

Digital Journalism. Advanced online publication:

Abstract: This study examined the effects of directional cues in immersive journalism by conducting a randomized between-subjects three-condition lab experiment (N=131) with community participants using three versions of originally produced 360̊ video news story. The study found that the presence of any directional cues in 360̊ news story significantly improved participants’ recall of statistics from the story but did not improve recall of verbal information. The presence of directional cues also impacted participants’ perceptions of message credibility, but did not impact their narrative transportation, attitudes towards the 360̊ news story, or sense of presence. The study findings are discussed in light of information processing theories.

Matthew Binford  Ivanka Pjesivac  Bartosz Wojdynski  Jihoon (Jay) Kim  Keith Herndon