The Dreams of Nations: An Ethno-Story

International Review of Qualitative Research (Published by the University of California Press). Vol. 11:2 (Summer 2018). Pp. 158-161.

Abstract: This post-colonial “Ethno-story” narrative is a contribution to new modes of narrative storytelling within the tradition of auto-ethnography, identity politics and subaltern studies.  Written as an exemplar, it weaves through the unwilled constructs of two protagonists, an Indian Muslim man and a (Caucasian) American woman—working / living at the intersection of media, self and nation. It explores the inner dynamics of personhood through intersecting narratives of the self with those of mass-mediated images and realities in an age of terrorism and ethno-religious conflict.

Anandam (Andy) Kavoori 

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Global Postmodernity, World Music and the discourse of Authenticity: Insights from the Buena Vista Social Club

Abstract: This paper is a textual accounting of the world music phenomena (Buena Vista Social Club) across the realms of music, YouTube, social media and industry commentary. It develops a theoretical framework around “Authenticity” as an important marker of world music, and the identity politics that underlies this specific aspect of transnational entertainment media culture.

Anandam (Andy) Kavoori
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