Dr. Anandam Kavoori

Professor, Entertainment & Media Studies

About: Dr. Kavoori is currently engaged in a program of autoethnographic and narrative writing.

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MFA, Narrative Non-Fiction writing, University of Georgia (currently enrolled).
Study in A Second Discipline (Ecology), University of Georgia.
Ph.D., Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Maryland, College Park.
M.A., Cultural Anthropology, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.
B.A. Sociology, Hindu College, University of Delhi, India.

Research Interests and Activities

Dr. Kavoori works in the field of Transnational Cultural Studies. He has written or edited ten books and over fifty single (or co-authored) journal articles and book chapters on the subject of media and culture in a global context. His work has appeared in Media, Culture and Society, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Journal of Communication, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Cultural Studies / Critical Methodologies, Global Media and Communication, American Journalism, International Journal of Cultural Studies amongst many others. His books include The Logics of Globalization; Thinking Television and Global Bollywood. He is also the author of two books of fiction, including a novel, The Children of Shahida.

Asia’s shifting television landscapes Anandam Kavoori

Chadha, K. & Andy Kavoori (forthcoming). “Asia’s shifting television landscapes” in Kim. Y (ed.) Media in Asia (Routledge).  This article explores television landscapes in Asia. Exploring both past and emergent trends it argues that whereas nation-states in Asia originally saw foreign, particularly Western, media flows as an existential threat to local culture and identity, and […]

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Re-making the World: Autoethnographic Interventions Anandam Kavoori

Abstract: This collection of autoethnographic eco-poetry offers a pedagogical vision for environmental education in an age of Climate Change (and its denial). The poems reflect on the author’s efforts at teaching environmental storytelling. Differing in tone, thematic and emotive imprint (ruminative, conciliatory, angry, deliberative), these autoethnographic eco-poems offer entry points for the reader/ educator to […]

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Cricket, Media and the Nation: An autoethnographic exploration of three mediated moments in Indian cricket.  Anandam Kavoori

Andy Kavoori (2021): Cricket, Media and the Nation: An autoethnographic exploration of three mediated moments in Indian cricket. Abstract: This autoethnographic essay explores the media and cultural construct of key Indian cricketers. It suggests that these cricketers mobilized important moments in the history of Indian cricket—through the lens of one cricket fan (the author). The […]

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Dull as Dachau Anandam Kavoori

Andy Kavoori (2021). Dull as Dachau. Abstract: Dull as Dachau is a reflexive, autoethnographic account of the contrived engagement of American undergraduates (from a privileged background) of a class-mandated visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp, near Munich, Germany. Written as a poem, with commentary/contextual referencing in end notes, the essay explores the transactional nature of […]

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Investigating Ecological Legacies in Amazonian Forests John Weatherford and Anandam Kavoori

Proposal for “Investigating Ecological Legacies in Amazonian Forests’ submitted to NSF’s HEGS (Human-Environment and Geographical Sciences) Program.  Dollar Amount: $ 117, 832 (over three years). Kavoori and Weatherford will be part of a research team conducting an ethnoecological survey of plants connected with species found in the paleorecord in Ecuador. They will develop communication strategies […]

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Submitted Grant Anandam Kavoori

Kavoori, A. (Science Communication / Storytelling Lead). Proposal to NSF (25 million dollars over five years) for the creation of an ERC (Engineering Research Center) for Clean and Equitable Battery Ecosystem for Sustainable Transportation (CE-BEST) at the University of Michigan (in partnership with UGA, University of California, Davis and Carnegie Mellon). The Center  will develop […]

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Other Notables Anandam Kavoori and Taylor Cole Miller

Andy Kavoori has been selected for a Fulbright award. He will serve as the Garcia-Robles-Fulbright Distinguished Chair in U.S. Studies at the Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico for the Spring 2020 academic term.  He will teach courses on American Media, Culture and Politics, plus conduct ethnographic research on Son Jarocho, a regional and diasporic entertainment […]

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Enhancing the understanding of tropical biodiversity: Developing conceptual models and underwater videos for communicating the importance of riparian-river connections in food webs in the Brazilian Pantanal Anandam Kavoori

“Enhancing the understanding of tropical biodiversity: Developing conceptual models and underwater videos for communicating the importance of riparian-river connections in food webs in the Brazilian Pantanal.” Global Research Collaboration Grant ($ 3000) Program sponsored by the Office of Research and the Office of Global Engagement, UGA. The Federal University of Mato Grosso Brazil has committed […]

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Global Postmodernity, World Music and the discourse of Authenticity: Insights from the Buena Vista Social Club Anandam Kavoori

Abstract: This paper is a textual accounting of the world music phenomena (Buena Vista Social Club) across the realms of music, YouTube, social media and industry commentary. It develops a theoretical framework around “Authenticity” as an important marker of world music, and the identity politics that underlies this specific aspect of transnational entertainment media culture.

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The Dreams of Nations: An Ethno-Story Anandam Kavoori

Abstract: This post-colonial “Ethno-story” narrative is a contribution to new modes of narrative storytelling within the tradition of auto-ethnography, identity politics and subaltern studies.  Written as an exemplar, it weaves through the unwilled constructs of two protagonists, an Indian Muslim man and a (Caucasian) American woman—working / living at the intersection of media, self and […]

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Teaching Specialties

Dr. Kavoori teaches a range of courses—Environmental Communication, Writing for Digital Media, Digital Storytelling, International Communication, Race, Gender and Media amongst many others. He directed Grady’s Costa Rica study abroad program from 2014 to 2019.


Dr. Kavoori has been a consultant to News Corporation, CNN International, Discovery Channel, amongst others. He was a faculty judge for The George Foster Peabody Awards for over twenty years. Dr. Kavoori has taught in study abroad programs developed by Grady/ UGA (Oxford University, Costa Rica and Cambodia), the UNO/ University of Innsbruck program in Austria and held a visiting position at Korea University (Seoul, Korea). Before joining academia, he was a journalist with media organizations in India and the United States.

Awards and Fellowships

Dr. Kavoori has been a Lilly Teaching Fellow and Mentor at UGA. In addition to awards for teaching in the Grady College, he has been nominated for both the Russell and Meigs Teaching Awards at UGA. He was a Service Learning Fellow and has been nominated by the Grady College (on three occasions) for the Distinguished Research Professorship at the University of Georgia. He was also invited to be a member of the UGA Teaching Academy.

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