Perceived Brand Personality through Sports Sponsorship

Pan, Po-Lin, Joe Phua, and Isaac Woo (2016), “Perceived Brand Personality through Sports Sponsorship: Locating a Blurred Line between Entertainment and Persuasion in Mediated Sports,” Accepted for presentation at the International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference, Fukuoka, Japan, June 2016.

Joe Phua’s paper is the Top Paper Award winner in the Sport Communication Interest Group of the International Communication Association (ICA) 2016 Annual Conference in Fukuoka, Japan.

Abstract: A limited amount of prior research has investigated perceived brand personality in the context of sport sponsorship. Using a two (Sport team performance: Win versus loss) by two (Gender: Male versus female) between-subjects experiment with two control variables (Sport team identification and self-brand connection), this study examined sport spectators’ perceptions of brand responsibility, activity, aggressiveness, simplicity, and emotionality. Results of multivariate tests revealed that sport team performance, sport team identification, and self-brand connection significantly influenced perceived brand personality. Sport team performance also had a significant effect on five dimensions of brand personality. Furthermore, while sport team identification exerted significant effects on brand responsibility, aggressiveness, and simplicity, self-brand connection moderated the effects of sport team

Joe Phua 

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