Look around and learn: Effects of 360-degree video in online news

Paper presented at the 102nd Annual Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Abstract: In a between-subjects eye-tracking experiment, adult readers of a large metropolitan daily newspaper (N=70) viewed and evaluated one of two versions of the same online news feature: one with an embedded 360-degree video alongside text and images, and the other using exclusively text and static images. Findings show that the presence of 360-degree video increased attitudes toward the article, article credibility, and visual attention to article content, but did not significantly affect recall of the story. The study also shows that individuals higher in technology anxiety were less likely to experience gains in enjoyment and credibility due to format, and that such gains were mediated by spatial presence. Implications for journalism practitioners about uses of 360-degree video alongside text articles are discussed.

Bartosz Wojdynski  Ivanka Pjesivac  Jihoon (Jay) Kim  Keith Herndon  Matthew Binford