Interaction Effects of Source Type and Message Valence in Instagram-Based Advertising Messages About Veganism

Accepted for presentation at the AEJMC 2019 Annual Conference, August 7-10, 2019, Toronto, Canada.

Abstract: A between-subjects 2 (source type: celebrity versus non-celebrity) x 2 (message valence: positive versus negative) factorial experiment (N = 288) examined the effects of source type and message valence on various outcomes of Instagram-based advertising messages about veganism. Results of data analyses indicate significant main effects of message valence on perceived information value of pro-veganism posts on Instagram and significant interaction effects of the two manipulated factors on consumers’ intention to spread electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) about pro-veganism. Furthermore, perceived prosocial characteristics of the pro-vegan source and intention to build an online friendship with the source significantly moderated the effects of endorser type and message valence on perceived information value and eWOM intention. Theoretical contributions and practical implications are discussed.

Joe Phua  Jihoon (Jay) Kim 

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