Gender equality in public relations and communication: A comprehensive study bridging the knowledge between North and South America

Research paper accepted for presentation as the 25th annual International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC), March 3-5, 2022.

Abstract: our research endeavors to provide the current reality of gender equality in the profession of public relations in the geographic region of America (i.e., North America and South America). Specifically, we explore the perceptions of gender equality in four regions in America, including North America, Northern South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and Southern South America. By doing so, we aim at exploring the following four issues, including: 1) whether gender equality in communication has improved in the four regions, 2) how communication professionals have perceived the impact of the glass ceiling; 3) what are the potential barriers causing the glass ceiling issue for women in public relations in those regions; and 4) who is most capable of leading the change in gender equality.

Juan Meng 

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