Factors Influencing Journalism Performance in Developing and Transitional Countries

 Ann Hollifield, Lee Becker, Adam Jacobsson , Eva-Marie Jacobsson, and Tudor Vlad. Factors Influencing Journalism Performance in Developing and Transitional Countries, Presented to the 12th World Media Economics Conference (WMEC16) in New York, N.Y.   Hollifield also moderated an industry panel session on innovative media business models featuring executives from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Wired Magazine, and Clarion Capital Partners LLC, and a research session while at the conference.

Abstract: This study examines the economic, organizational, legal, and political factors in the ecology of news organizations that are related to the production of quality journalism in developing and transitional countries.  The study uses data generated by the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX) and ZenithOptimedia to examine the research question. Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) is used to test the hypotheses and identify the models of conjunctural causation that help explain the structural conditions that are related to higher levels of journalism performance in the developing countries in the dataset. The research finds no necessary or sufficient conditions for higher-quality journalism – not even a legal regime supporting freedom of expression. The study finds, however, that there are several combinations of structural conditions that are related to improved journalism performance across cases, and several market and political variables that are more important than others in media development.

Ann Hollifield  Lee B. Becker  Tudor Vlad 

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