The Effect of Brand-issue Fit on a Corporate Health-promotion Campaign

Hanyoung Kim (Grady PhD student) and Jooyoung Kim. “The Effect of Brand-issue Fit on a Corporate Health-promotion Campaign: Elaborational and Relational Advertising Strategies,” Accepted for Presentation at the 2017 American Academy of Advertising Conference, Boston, MA.

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of perceived brand-issue fit on consumer responses to a health-promotion campaign, and advertising message strategy effects (elaborational vs. relational) on consumer responses under high and low brand-issue fit conditions. Results indicated that a campaign with high brand-issue fit, compared to a campaign with low brand-issue fit, elicited more favorable consumer responses to the campaign. Also, an elaborational advertising message (i.e., focusing on the merits of healthy activity) was more effective than a relational message (i.e., addressing connections between brands and health issues) under the low-fit condition. Theoretical and practical implications as well as limitations are discussed.

Jooyoung Kim 

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