E-Cigarette Marketing on Social Networking Sites

Phua, Joe (2017). E-Cigarette Marketing on Social Networking Sites: Effects on Attitudes, Behavioral Control, Self-Efficacy and Brand Intentions. Accepted for presentation at the International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, May 2017.

Abstract: Applying elaboration likelihood model (ELM) and extant literature on consumer-brand engagement (CBE), this study examined exposure to three types of electronic cigarette (e-cig) marketing messages (sponsored ads, brand pages, user-created groups) on social networking sites (SNSs), and their joint influence on brand- and health-related outcomes. Results (N=1016) indicated that e-cig users who joined user-created e-cig brand groups had significantly more negative attitudes towards quitting, lower perceived behavioral control, intention to quit and self-efficacy than those exposed to sponsored ads or following brand pages, while also having significantly greater brand involvement, self-brand connection, brand usage intent and eWoM intention. Exposure to two or more types of e-cig marketing messages had an additive effect on health- and brand-related outcomes. Social identification, attention to social comparison and subjective norms also moderated between exposure to e-cig marketing messages and key dependent measures. Implications for marketers and regulators are discussed.

Joe Phua 

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