Why Do Consumers Use Branded Mobile Apps?

Jihoon (Jay) Kim and Phua, Joe, “Why Do Consumers Use Branded Mobile Apps? A Structural Equation Model Examining Motivations and Concerns Influencing Consumers’ Branded Mobile App Usage,” Accepted for presentation at the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Annual Conference, March 2017, Boston, MA.

Abstract: Applying Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), this study examined motivations for consumers’ use of mobile apps, and concerns arising from their actual usage. A proposed model, tested using structural equation modeling with a convenience sample of 386 mobile app users, consisted of five types of motivations (i.e., usefulness, convenience, personalization, innovativeness, and social influence) and two types of concerns (i.e., security concerns and technical barriers). Results revealed that usefulness, convenience, and social influence had a significant positive effect, while technical barriers had a significant negative effect, on actual usage of mobile apps. Given these results, theoretical and managerial implications are discussed.

Jihoon (Jay) Kim  Joe Phua 

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