Brand Awe: A Key Concept for Understanding Consumer Response to Luxury and Premium Brands

Journal of Social Psychology.

Jooyoung Kim, Hyejin Bang (Grady PhD Alum), and William Keith Campbell (Forthcoming). Brand Awe: A Key Concept for Understanding Consumer Response to Luxury and Premium Brands. Journal of Social Psychology.

Abstract: In this study, we propose a new concept, brand awe, and explores its nature, underlying dimensions, and roles in relation to consumer responses. Brand awe is a specific mixture of emotions that consumers feel when they encounter a luxury or premium brand that they perceive to be vast and, thus, requires a schematic accommodation. Exploratory Factor Analysis (N = 205) and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (N = 256) of the survey data based on fourteen brands yielded three dimensions of brand awe: Euphoria, Enthrallment, and Vastness. Results support the reliability and validity of the brand awe construct and the important mediating roles of brand awe between its triggers (i.e., prestige, luxuriousness, excellence, and innovation) and consumer responses.

Jooyoung Kim 

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