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Effects of Facebook Comments on Attitude Toward Vaccines: The Roles of Perceived Distributions of Public Opinion and Perceived Vaccine Efficacy

Abstract: This study investigated if and how exposure to Facebook comments about vaccines influences one’s attitude toward the vaccines. In this investigation, comments were examined in light of their effect […]

The Effects of User Comment Valence of Social Media Health Campaigns on Intention to Vaccinate: The Role of Psychological Reactance

Paper to be presented to American Advertising Academy (AAA) conference, San Diego, CA. Abstract: Given the prevalent use of social media in disseminating public service announcements (PSAs) encouraging healthy behavior, […]

Using Immersive Virtual Reality to Improve the Beliefs and Intentions of Influenza Vaccine Avoidant 18-to-49-Year-Olds: Considerations, Effects, and Lessons Learned.

Abstract: Only one-third of adults 18 to 49 years old in the United States receive a recommended annual influenza vaccination. This study examined whether supplementing vaccine information statements (VIS) with […]