COVID-19 Archive

Intergroup Contact, COVID-19 News Consumption, and the Moderating Role of Digital Media Trust on Prejudice toward Asians in the U.S.: A Cross-Sectional Study

Abstract: Background: The perceived threat of a highly contagious virus may lead people to be distrustful of immigrants and outgroups. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the salient politicized discourses of blaming […]

Ethical and Effective Multi-Agency Public Crisis Communications: Lessons Learned from Recent U.S. History and through the Lens of Practitioners Who Fought in the Trench Warfare against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yan Jin (PI). Grant from Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication: ($4,500, 2020-2021). [Co-PIs: Shelley Spector and Lashonda Eaddy (Grady PhD Alum)] “Ethical and Effective Multi-Agency Public Crisis […]