Consumer Responses Toward Cosmeceutical Advertising

Jhih-Syuan Lin, Jooyoung Kim, Juan Meng, and Hanyoung Kim. “Consumer Responses Toward Cosmeceutical Advertising: Roles of Regulatory Fit and Implications for Skin Cancer Prevention.” Paper will be presented at the 2017 AAA conference.

Abstract: consumers usually see cosmeceuticals (cosmetics+pharmaceuticals) as an ambiguous object and have ambivalent attitudes due to product benefits (positive) and potential side effects (negative), this study examines the interplay between regulatory focus and advertising claims in determining attitude change and purchase intentions toward cosmeceutical sunscreen products. The findings suggest that promotion-focused consumers respond more favorably toward ads featuring hedonic/performance-related attributes, whereas prevention-focused consumers demonstrated greater persuasive effects toward ads featuring utilitarian/reliability-related attributes. Cosmeceutical advertising that speaks to consumer motivations are effective in resolving attitudinal ambivalence and promoting purchase related to sun-protective behaviors. Theoretical and managerial implications are discussed.

Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin  Jooyoung Kim  Juan Meng  Hanyoung Kim 

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