Grady Salutes 2016

Alumni award honorees included Eric Haley (ABJ ’87, MA ’89, PhD ’92), Maria Taylor (ABJ ’09), Michael Abramowitz (ABJ ’90) and Ernie Johnson Jr. (ABJ ’78).

Board of Trustee inductees included Tony Barnhart (M ’76), Eddie Garrett (BSA ’06, MBA ’08), Jeff Gregor, Jan Jones (ABJ ’80), Monica Pearson (MA ’14), Brad MacAfee and Hala Moddelmog¬† (MA ’81). Johnson was also inducted into the Fellowship. Sanford Circle honorees were Walter “Harley” Bowers (ABJ ’42) and James “Billy” Watson Jr. (ABJ ’60).

The event also commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Peabody Awards.

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