Alumni Board

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board is an advisory group responsible for contributing to, and supporting the development of activities for alumni and friends of the college.

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board serves as the conduit between the college and its alumni. It is comprised of members from a variety of Grady majors, professions, geographical areas and graduation years.

Members of the 2022-2023 Alumni Board in Spring 2023 included

(Front Row, l. to. r.):
Michael Gray, Robby Thomas, Debbie Ebalobo, Quanza Brooks Griffin, Tracy Brown, Stephanie Jordan, Eleni Farmakis, Heather Adams, Jane Kidd.

(Back row, l. to r.):
Katie Sorrels, Michael Trujillo, Erinia Lambeth, Scott Lusk, Daniel Sattelmeyer, Jill Lutz, Jessica Weeks, Chuck Reece. Not pictured: Chase Cain, Ryan Carty, Kristin Craig, Nick Fouriezos, Q McElroy, Ashley Methvin, Sara Robertson, Charlie Sutlive, Colleen Swanger, Pepper White.

Members of the 2023-2024 Alumni Board

Heather Dixon Adams

(ABJ ’98)
Choice Media Communications

Kelly Aratoon

(ABJ ’11)
This January

Troy Bridges

(ABJ ’96)
CBS News

Tracy Brown

(ABJ ’88)
Chicago Public Media

KD Bryant

(ABJ ’95)
Rheem Manufacturing

Previous Alumni Boards

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“Being a Bulldog is an honor and a privilege. To be a part of this academic community means the world to me. With intention, I carry the UGA spirit of innovation with me wherever I go.”

Erina Lambeth

ABJ ’87


“I’m passionate about helping students understand the infinite pathways that can exist for them to pursue their goals if they’re open-minded.”

Robby Thomas

ABJ ’04


“I’m excited to have a small part in connecting real world experience to higher education and keeping UGA at the forefront of fostering students to become the next generation of content creators joining the ranks.”

Daniel Sattelmeyer

ABJ ’08