We Shall Overcome

Jason Lee Guthrie (Grady PhD student) and Janice Hume, “We Shall Overcome: The Pulitzer Prize and the Civil Rights Movement” (paper to be presented at the American Journalism Historians Association Annual Convention, St. Petersburg, Florida, October 8, 2016).

This research proposal is based upon work done for a Pulitzer Centennial Campfires Initiative grant in collaboration with the Georgia Humanities Council. The focus of this grant is to create a digital exhibit commemorating one hundred years of the Pulitzer Prize awarding work that has contributed significantly to advancing civil rights, especially in the American South. While the scope of the exhibit is largely descriptive, in executing the background research for this project the authors feel that there is potential for contributing meaningful historical research as yet untapped in the key primary sources. Further, a significant part of the exhibit work for this project consists of recording oral histories with key winners and academic experts, and these oral histories represent a unique opportunity for primary source material as well.

Janice Hume  Jason Lee Guthrie