The Changing Education for Journalism and the Communication Occupations

Peter Lang: New York.

Abstract: The book provides a unique perspective on journalism and communication education, drawing on extensive, detailed data across time to examine the evolution of education for journalism and related occupations such as public relations and advertising.

Lee B. Becker  Tudor Vlad 

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Making Instant Adjustments in Online Journalism Education: Responding to Continuous Needs Assessments in Asynchronous Courses

Abstract: The creation of an effective learning environment is always a challenge, but when the environment is online and the learners are a diverse group of adults in a specialized content area, the challenges become more complex. This best practices study used the intersection of the importance of the learner, Knowles’ andragogy concepts, and the […]

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Journalism and Citizenship: Findings from a Pilot Course at the University of Georgia, Kettering Foundation

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Lee B. BeckerTudor Vlad
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