Teaching media literacy in the age of misinformation

Imre, I., Wenger, D., Reilley, M. P., & Ivanka Pjesivac (April, 2023). “Teaching media literacy in the age of misinformation,” panel to be presented at the annual meeting of Broadcast Education Association (BEA). Las Vegas, NV.

Abstract: The appearance and rapid spread of misinformation, particularly via digital media platforms have affected communication and major world events in recent years. Spreading at the rate much faster than real news, mainly through social media, false narratives have affected human behavior and changed individuals’ understanding of their media environment. In this session, we will share best practices for teaching media literacy in the age of misinformation. We will cover topics such as developing and delivering course content focused on enhancing media literacy skills and misinformation effects among journalism students, as well as students of other majors, possibly even general audiences, in order to further media literacy skills among wider populations. The one-hour panel will be followed by one-hour workshop, during which SPJ digital tool trainer Mike Reilley will introduce digital tools for teaching media literacy.

Ivanka Pjesivac