Submitted Grant

Kavoori, A. (Science Communication / Storytelling Lead). Proposal to NSF (25 million dollars over five years) for the creation of an ERC (Engineering Research Center) for Clean and Equitable Battery Ecosystem for Sustainable Transportation (CE-BEST) at the University of Michigan (in partnership with UGA, University of California, Davis and Carnegie Mellon). The Center  will develop a life-cycle engineered system of batteries from their cradle to grave, by extending their life through reuse, repurposing, and remanufacturing. It integrate transformative research, inclusive education, and technology translation, and leverage a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders for high- value, energy-dense, zero-waste, locally-sourced, efficiently-produced batteries. With CE-BEST innovation, LIBs that replace fossil-fuel based powertrains in vehicles will be safe, convenient, reliable, affordable, reusable, and manufactured and serviced with practices that strengthen communities.

Anandam Kavoori